ARMY Back in Control in EGYPT: CBS

The title of a CBS News article released on December 10, 2012 is “Egyptian army takes security role ahead of vote” on CONSTITUTION (Web-site/URL:

“The Egyptian military on Monday (December 10, 2012) assumed joint responsibility with the police for security and protecting state institutions until the results of a Dec. 15 (2012) constitutional referendum are announced”.

“The decree (also) grants the military the right to ARREST CIVILIANS (no surprise there), but presidential spokesman Yasser Ali said IT WAS NOWHERE NEAR (?) a declaration of martial law”. YEAH RIGHT. “It is MERELY a measure to EXTEND LEGAL COVER  FOR (?) the armed forces while they are used to maintain security“. Do Egypt’s armed forces need “legal cover?” This sounds like another EXCUSE.

“Both the opposition and Morsi’s supporters have called for mass rallies on Tuesday (December 11, 2012)”.

“The opposition has REJECTED the referendum, but has yet to call for a boycott or instead a “NO” vote at the polls”. Well, some people have (e.g. GIGI IBRAHIM).

According to Hossam Moanis, “a spokesman for the National Salvation Front (NSF) grouping opposition parties and groups”, “A decision on whether we call for a boycott of the referendum or campaign for a `novote REMAINS UNDER DISCUSSION.  “For now, we REJECT the referendum as part of our REJECTION of the draft constitution”Again“remains under consideration” reinforces the fact that just like the opposition in SYRIA the opposition in EGYPT seems to be UNABLE TO MAKE UP ITS MIND/INCREDIBLY INDECISIVE.

“Judges have gone on strike to protest Morsi’s perceived “assault” on the judiciary and have said they would not oversee the Dec. 15 vote as is customary for judges in Egypt. Judges of the nation’s administrative courts announced Monday (December 10, 2012)  they were conditionally lifting their boycott of the vote, but they said their supervision of the process was conditional on bringing an end to the siege of the Supreme Constitutional Court by Morsi’s supporters”.

“In a surprise move, Morsi on Monday (December 10, 2012) rescinded a series of decrees issued the previous day to raise taxes on a wide range of items and services, including alcohol, cigarettes, mobile phones, services offered by hotels and bank loans”.

Finally, “The STATE-owned daily Al-Ahram said the Sunday (December 9, 2012)  decrees to raise taxes were issued by Morsi. On Monday (December 10, 2012), the official MENA news agency carried a statement from Morsi’s office saying the president has decided to “suspendthe tax increases”WHOA“tax increases” sounds like a subject of never-ending debate between Democrats and Republicans IN THE UNITED STATES. “The president does accept that citizens shoulder any additional burdens except by choice“. “Morsi, it added, has ordered a public debate on the increases to GAUGE PUBLIC OPINION“. “The people will ALWAYS have THE LOUDEST voice and FINAL decisionREALLYIF (and this is a HUGE “If” because again we can never trust anything that comes from STATE media)this would be quite a shift.


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