The title of a Reuters article released on December 11, 2012 is “Syrian Alawite village ATTACKED, rebels FIGHT around capital (Damascus)” (Web-site/URL: VIOLENT Words: “attacked” and “fight”.

“Up to 200 members of President Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite minority were INJURED or KILLED in an ATTACK on their central Syrian village on Tuesday (December 10 2012), activists said, while to the south, rebels and state forces BATTLED for the outskirts of Damascus”Violent Words: “injured”“killed” and “battled”.

“An Alawite resident of a nearby village said the violence began in Aqrab when rebels ATTACKED a checkpoint run by pro-Assad militiamen, known as shabbiha. Speaking “by Skype from Damasacus”, this resident said:  “We DON’T believe (that) there was a massacre, but we think there are a number of hostages being held. CLASHES began when rebels started SHELLING the shabbiha checkpoint. But now, the phone lines seem to be down in Aqrab so THAT’S ALL WE KNOW“.  Violent Words: “attacked”, “clashes” and “shelling”Also. “that’s all we know” sounds like REBELS talking; only this time, we’re seeing/reading/hearing this from AN ASSAD LOYALIST.

“Wounded CHILDREN, apparently Alawites from Aqrab, appeared at an opposition field hospital in the nearby town of al-Houla, where they were interviewed by rebels in videos published on YouTube. Three young BOYS gave a similar account as the rebels, but did not say whether they were hiding in the house FEARING  government shelling or rebel attack”Either way, we have more FEARwhich, again, is something we could do WITHOUT/we DON’T need any more ofLet’s also note “children” and “boys”These are vulnerable peoplenot WOMENWomen (over 18) should be able to fend for themselves.

According to Mohamed Judl, “a young boy covered in a blanket, shivering as he was interviewed by an activist at the clinic”, “We were inside the house with shabbiha, they said they were PROTECTING (?) us from the rebels”. THIS IS A CIRCUS. “The rebels started telling us to come out, no one will hurt you. The shabbiha WOULDN’T LET US LEAVE“. Again the shabiha are ASSAD LOYALISTS so once again THE REGIME is to blame here.

Finally, leading opposition figure Riad Seif, speaking “on the eve of the Marrakech (Morocco)  talks”, finished off: “ALL (?) indications on the ground signal THE END of the regime of Bashar al-Assad”REALLY? Well, this is SEIF‘s BELIEF or his INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: “We EXPECT this meeting to fully recognize the coalition as THE SOLE representative of the Syrian people”Of course this IS NOT a REASONABLE EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL:, because as we know all too well, in politics, there will always be DIVISIONS. “We are TELLING the international community that we DON’T want their military intervention, but we want them to supply us with a developed anti-aircraft defense system”.  Boy, for a group on the verge of ANNIHILATION/OBLITERATION they are mighty particular.

To concludelet’s return once again to the title:  “Syrian Alawite village ATTACKED, rebels FIGHT around capital (Damascus)”. This title suggests that REBELS are GETTING STRONGER/BECOMING MORE EMBOLDENED


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