EGYPT: PRO-Morsi Rally (Reuters)

The title of a Reuters article released on December 2, 2012 is “Mursi calls (for) December 15 (2012) referendum, Islamists rally” (Web-site/URL:

“Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi called a December 15 (2012) referendum on a new constitution, HOPING to end protests over a decree expanding his powers, as at least 200,000 of his Islamist supporters rallied in Cairo on Saturday (December 1 2012)”. Of courseMURSI/MORSI/MORSY is “hoping” but NOT if people like GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) have their way.

“after receiving the final draft from the constituent assembly”. Morsi said: “I renew my call for OPENING A SERIOUS NATIONAL DIALOGUE (?) over the concerns of the nation, with all HONESTY and IMPARTIALTY (?)” THIS IS A FARCE because as we knowwith the issuing of this decree Morsi cares about no one except HIMSELF.  “We must move beyond the period of CONFRONTATION and DIFFERENCES and get on to PRODUCTIVE WORK (?)” Well we know that SCAF isn’t going anywhere and neither is the Muslim Brotherhood with the issuing of this latest decree so it sure seems like “confrontations and differences” ARE HERE TO STAY.

“Leading opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei said on Twitter that “STRUGGLE WILL CONTINUE” despite the referendum and that the draft constitutionUNDERMINES BASIC FREEDOMSobviously. Also “struggle will continue”, again, sounds like something that GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) would say.

“The draft constitution contains Islamist-flavored language which opponents say could be used to WHITTLE AWAY HUMAN RIGHTS and STIFLE CRITICISM“, just like in SYRIA BAHRAIN, YEMEN, NORTH KOREA and CHINA. “It forbids blasphemy and “insults to any person“, DOES NOT explicitly uphold WOMEN’S rights and demands respect for “religion, TRADITIONS and FAMILY VALUES“, which, of course can be EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC IF these “traditions and family values” are ARCHAIC/OUTDATEDlike the CHINESE method of men getting married ONLY because THEIR PARENTS tell them to do so and women getting married and getting pregnant ONLY because THEIR PARENTS tell them to do so and some even do this because of PARENTAL GOSSIP about whether people are TALL, SHORT, FAT or THIN (KATE HE and GAO WEI CUI XILING).

“The text also limits presidents to TWO four-year terms, REQUIRES PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL FOR THEIR CHOICE OF PRIME MINISTER and introduces some (?) civilian oversight of the militaryalthough NOT enough for criticsof courseLet’s go through this in more detail“limits presidents to two four-year terms” and “requires parliamentary approval for their choice of prime minister” certainly WOULD BE POSITIVE. However, for those of us who have studied historyas we saw in WEIMAR GERMANY in the late 1920sdictators can simply choose to NOT follow this constitution, in which case it would only SOUND good.

“Mursi described it as a constitution that FULFILLED THE GOALS (?)  of the January 25, 2011 revolution that brought an end to Mubarak’s rule. “Let everyonethose who agree and those who DISAGREE – go to the referendum TO HAVE THEIR SAY“. “have their say” will surely be VIOLENT/CONFRONTATIONAL.

“The opposition must decide whether to urge a boycott or a “No” vote in the referendum. If they secure a “No“, the president could retain the powers he has unilaterally assumed” WITHOUT ANY CONSULTATIONSo, opponents of Morsi should BOYCOTT this outrageous referendum because “(securing) a ” No” vote” would take us back to the time of the PHARAOHS because Morsi would then rule “unilaterally” and that is a place that many of us surely DON’T want to return to.

“flag-waving demonstrators, many bussed in from the countryside chanted”: “The people want the implementation of God’s law“. So these Islamists believe that Morsi was sent by “God?” It’s as if Morsi has A MANDATEPerhaps these same people supported MUBARAK as well. Also, notice “the countryside”Like many dictators before him (MAO ZEDONG, LENIN, STALIN, etc.) Morsi has a significant level of support “from the countryside”but is hated in URBAN areas.

“Tens of thousands of Egyptians protested against Mursi on Friday (November 30, 2012), chanting: “The people want to BRING DOWN the regime”, echoing a trademark slogan of the revolts against Arab leaders”, which have brought down ZINE EL ABIDINE BEN ALI (Tunisia) MUAMMAR GADHAFI (Libya), MUBARAK (Egypt) and ALI ABDULLAH SALEH (Yemen) although like EGYPT, the situation IS NO BETTER in YEMEN because Saleh has been succeeded by ABD RABBUH MONSOUR HADI, HIS VICE PRESIDENT which means that just like in EGYPT YEMEN‘s new leader is someone from the OLD leader’s cabinetBefore Morsi’s election, Mubarak was succeeded by Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, MUBARAK‘s Defense Minister.

Finally, according to Yasser Taha, “a 30-year-old demonstrator at the Islamist rally in Cairo”, “We want STABILITY. Every time, the constitutional court TEARS DOWN institutions,  we electanother “institution”/MORE ISLAMIST POLITICIANS.

The conclusion to this article is simple: MURSI/MORSI/MORSY WANTS US TO BELIEVE THAT HE STILL HAS A SIGNIFICANT LEVEL/AMOUNT OF SUPPORTIn other wordsthis is nothing more than Muslim Brotherhood PROPAGANDA.


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