SYRIA: Fighting Near DAMASCUS AIRPORT (Al-Jazeera)

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Fighting RAGES along Damascus AIRPORT road” (Web-site/URL: “rages” is synonymous with FIERCE.

“Battles between Syrian rebels and government troops have reportedly forced the closure of the main road leading to Damascus International Airport”.

“The news came as the Dubai-based Emirates airline suspended flights to the  Syrian capital on Thursday (November 29, 2012)”This should have been implemented A LONG TIME AGOjust like what authorities in HONG KONG have doneissuing a travel alert/STRONG WARNING to anyone intending to visit Syria (Web-site/URL: Now the TSANG and LEUNG administrations have made many mistakesnot the least of which is the fact that Hong Kong continues to suck up to CHINA and this is a HUGE problembut they did an excellent job with this “Outbound Travel Alert”Interestingly enough, Emirates is still flying to BAHRAIN.

“The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said there was heavy fighting “along all the areas along the road” to the airport, southeast of the city”.

“State media (SANA) later reported that the road had been “secured” after military intervention in the area”.

“state television quoted the INFORMATION ministry as saying” “The road from the airport was secured after attacks by ARMED TERRORIST GROUPS against cars and after a deployment of THE COMPETENT forces“. HERE WE GO AGAIN with “armed terrorist groups” and “THE COMPETENT forces”. Again the Syrian INFORMATION Ministry is under the watchful eye/control of BASHAR AL-ASSAD so of course, they will only tell us WHAT BASHAR AL-ASSAD WANTS US TO READ/SEE/HEAR.

“Syria’s minister of INFORMATION said “TERRORISTS“, NOT the state, were responsible for the internet outage, a PRO-government TV station reported”. “It is NOT true that the state cut the Internet. THE TERRORISTS TARGETED the internet lines, resulting in some regions being cut off“, he was quoted by al-Ikhbariya as saying”. Well, again, al-Ikhbariya is a PRO-Assad station/channelAlso, again, “Syria’s minister of INFORMATION” DOESN’T HAVE HIS OWN BRAINso, of course, again, he only sings THE GOVERNMENT‘s song, just like JIHAD MAKDISSI.

“Emirates said it was suspending daily flights to Damascus “until further notice”, but other airlines continued operations”. “Other airlines continued operations” to SYRIA? OH GODPEOPLE ARE GETTING SLAUGHTERED BY THE HUNDREDS.WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY?

“Airport sources in Cairo said an Egypt Air flight that left at 1:30pm (11:30 GMT) had landed in Damascus as scheduled”. According to an official at Cairo airport, “The Egypt Air plane has arrived … and PASSENGERS ARE ALL SAFE (thank goodness)but the pilot was instructed to take off back to Cairo WITHOUT passengers IF (?) he felt that the situation there IS NOT good to stay for longer“. OF COURSEthe situation “is not good”. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER.

Finally, “In the country’s commercial capital, Aleppo, an air strike on Thursday (November 29, 2012) killed at least 15 civilians, according to the SOHR (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights)”. According to the group’s leader, Rami Abdelrahman, “At least 15 people, among them five CHILDREN and two WOMEN, were killed when a warplane dropped TWO bombs on the Ansari district of Aleppo”Again “women” should be able to defend themselvesat least to a certain degree and therefore SHOULD NOT be classified as vulnerable while CHILDREN ARE.

Why is the Assad regime launching this offensive near Damascus AIRPORT? Obviously to PREVENT AID FROM COMING IN to Syria and to KEEP/PREVENT CIVILIANS, who are frightened for their lives, FROM LEAVING/FLEEING TO SAFETY.


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