The title of a Yahoo! article released on November 27, 2012 is “Egyptians challenge Mursi in nationwide protests” (Web-site/URL:

“protesters in Tahrir chanted” “The people want to BRING DOWN the regime”, “echoing slogans used in the 2011 revolt” that brought down longtime dictator HOSNI MUBARAK.

Refa’a Al-Tahtawy, Mursi’s presidential chief of staff, told the Al-Hayat private satellite channel, “Calls for civil disobedience and strikes will be dealt with STRICTLY by law and THERE IS NO RETREAT from the decree“. Again “strictly by law” implies that the government can PUT DOWN PROTESTS IN ANY MANNER THAT THEY CHOOSE and both “strictly by law” and “there is no retreat” suggests that the “force and pain technique” will be used (Web-site/URL:

According to 32-year-old Ahmed Husseini, speaking from Cairo, “We DON’T want a dictatorship again“. That message has been echoed over and over again“The Mubarak regime was a dictatorship. We had a revolution to have JUSTICE and FREEDOM“, two things which still seem A LONG WAY OFF.

According to Elijah Zarwan, “a fellow with The European Council on Foreign Relations”, “THERE ARE SIGNS that over the last couple of days, that Mursi and the Brotherhood REALIZED THEIR MISTAKE“. How significant were these “signs?” “He said (that) the protests were “A VERY INDICATION of how much of A POLITICAL MISCALCULATION this was“.

According to Amr Moussa, “a former Arab League chief and presidential candidate who has joined the new opposition coalition, the National Salvation Front”, “The main DEMAND is to WITHDRAW THE CONSTITUTIONAL DECLARATION (decree). This is the point“. Well, again, it’s clear that Morsi IS NOT/HAS NO INTENTION OF doing this/REFUSES TO do this.

According to 50-year-old Noha Abol Fotouh, “The decree MUST BE cancelled and the constituent assembly should be reformed“. “must be” is another example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: “All intellectuals have left it and now it is controlled by Islamists” which Egyptians are STUCK WITH because most of them HATE people associated with former longtime dictator HOSNI MUBARAK.

Finally, “In Washington, White House spokesman Jay Carney urged demonstrators to behave PEACEFULLY“. “The current constitutional IMPASSE is an INTERNAL Egyptian situation that can ONLY be resolved by the Egyptian people, through PEACEFUL DEMOCRATIC DIALOGUE“. “internal Egyptian situation” sounds like RUSSIA defending SYRIA‘s BASHAR AL-ASSAD and of course, it doesn’t take Einstein’s brain to figure out how problematic the combination of BASGHAR AL-ASSAD and VLADIMIR PUTIN isAlso, once again, “peaceful democratic dialogue” is still A LONG WAY OFF.


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