EGYPT: Mohamed Morsi “STANDS BY” His Decision: Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on November 26,2012 is “Egypt’s Morsi STANDS BY  (his) decree” (Web-site/URL:

“Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has told the country’s senior judges that he DID NOT infringe on their authority when he SEIZED near ABSOLUTE powers“. This is Morsi’s latest ASSERTIONOf course, this assertion IS NOT true.

“An aide to Morsi said the decree was limited to “sovereignty-related issues”, but that DID NOT satisfy his criticsobviously.

“The judiciary, the main target of Morsi’s edicts, also has pushed back, calling the decrees a power grab and an “assault” on the branch’s INDEPENDENCE (?)”Was EGYPT‘s judiciary EVER “independent?”

“Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood has called off a mass demonstration in Cairo, originally planned for Tuesday (November 27, 2012), “until further notice” in order to “AVOID CLASHES (?)” Well, there have already been PLENTY OF “clashes”, MORE THAN ENOUGH actually.

“Mona Amer, spokesman for the opposition movement Popular Current, said Tuesday’s (November 27, 2012) protest would go on”. “We asked for the cancellation of the decree and that DID NOT happen” obviouslyThat WOULD NOT have been a reasonable EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL:

“Before the president’s announcement, leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahy said protests would continue until the decree was scrapped and said Tahrir would be a model of an “Egypt that WILL NOT accept a new dictator because it brought down the old one”Well, Morsi is acting like a “dictator” now anyway, or at least an UNdemocratic politician and it’s also clear that Morsi WILL NOT “scrap the decree”.

According to Mohamed Radwan of Pharos Securities, “an Egyptian brokerage firm”, “We are BACK to square one, politically (and) socially“. Of course, “back” is a place that NO Egyptian wants to be/wants to return to, because “back” implies “back” to the days of HOSNI MUBARAK THE TYRANT.

On Saturday (November 24, 2012)Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohamed ElBaradei said: “THERE IS NO ROOM for dialogue when a dictator imposes THE MOST OPPRESSIVE, ABHORRENT measures and then sayslet us split the difference‘. ElBaradei, of course, returned from a stint as head of the INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA) to become a key figure in Egypt’s war against tyrannyMany liberal Egyptiansincluding GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) wanted him to become the Egyptian President in the early days after HOSNI MUBARAK‘s downfall/ouster.

Finally, “Morsi also ordered the retrial of Mubarak and top aides on charges of killing protesters during the uprising”. According to  Pakinam al-Sharqawi, “one of Morsi’s aides”, “He HAD TO act to SAVE the country and PROTECT the course of the revolution (?) It is A MAJOR stage in the process of COMPLETING the January 25th revolution”Again, this is yet another CIRCUS of Morsi trying to APPEASE his criticsWe know for a fact that he DOESN’T CARE ABOUT “the revolution” and everyone who died or was assaulted by those thugs on camelbackLike any dictatorMorsi only wants more power for HIMSELF.

The conclusion to this report is easyIf we look back at the title, “Egypt’s Morsi STANDS BY (his) decree”, he is THE ONLY person who benefits because HE makes ALL the rules and CANNOT BE OVERRULED/CHALLENGED/REBUFFED,  so, OF COURSE he’ll “stand by” his own decisions. Making decisions and then “standing by” them or INSISTING UPON them gives dictators an air of SUPERIORITY/INVINCIBILITY which again is a fundamental characteristic of dictators who in turn are “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:


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