The title of an ABC News article released on November 23, 2012 is “Egypt’s Top Judges SLAM President’s New Powers” (Web-site/URL:

“Egypt’s highest body of judges slammed on Saturday (November 24, 2012) a recent decision by the president to grant himself NEAR-ABSOLUTE power, calling the move an “UNPRECEDENTED ASSAULT” on the judiciary”.

“One of the most controversial edicts states that the president has the right to take ANY steps to prevent “THREATS TO the revolution”, wording that activists say is vague and harkens back to the type of language employed by Mubarak to CLAMP DOWN ON DISSENT“. “clamp down” again of course is BRUTALHIGHLY CONFRONTATIONAL and UGLYAlso, what is a “(threat) to the revolution?” MORSI HIMSELF is a “threat to the revolution”.

“Morsi said Friday (November 23, 2012) before thousands of Brotherhood supporters outside his presidential palace in Cairo that his decision was aimed at PROTECTING (?)  the nation from old regime loyalists using the judiciary to “harm the country”. Again, we must pose the question: WHO IS DOING WHAT TO WHOM? WHO is “protecting” and WHO is “(harming) the country?”  It certainly seems like MORSI is “(harming)” Egypt.

“…he told the judges, gathered in a downtown courthouse” “I thank you for your SUPPORT (?) of JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE (?)” “support?” Judges are REVOLTING/REBELLING AGAINST MorsiAlso, again, “judicial independence” still simply DOES NOT EXIST in Egypt.

Meanwhile, “The head of Egypt’s judges’ club, Ahmed el-Zind, declared Morsi’s move as “unconstitutional“. This sounds like JOHN BOEHNER talking about HEALTHCARE REFORM before PRESIDENT OBAMA was re-elected.

According to Ahmed Badrawy, “a labor ministry employee protesting at the courthouse”, “Morsi will HAVE TO (?) reverse his decision to avoid THE ANGER OF THE PEOPLE“, as if we DON’T have enough “anger” in the world already. Also, “have to” again suggests that the “force and pain technique” will be used again (Web-site/URL:  “We DO NOT want to have an Iranian system here (in Egypt)” obviously. ONE MAHMOUD AHMEDINEJAD IN THE WORLD IS ENOUGH.

Finally, “Several hundred protesters remained in Cairo’s Tahrir Square Saturday (November 24, 2012), where a number of tents have been erected in a sit-in following nearly a week of clashes with riot police. The country’s most prominent opposition groups called for another mass rally on Tuesday (November 27, 2012), saying that the edicts make Morsi a “new pharaoh” which is WORSE than when MUBARAK was in power so we certainly DON’T want to go down that road/path. We also have to wonder if MOHAMED ELBARADEI among these “protesters”.

To concludeagain let’s look at the title: “Egypt’s Top Judges slam president’s new powers”but unfortunately, many of


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