EGYPT: “MORSI Decree Triggers MASS PROTESTS”: Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on November 23, 2012 is “Morsi decree TRIGGERS MASS PROTESTS in Egypt” (Web-site/URL:

Clashes erupt while the president JUSTIFIES granting himself SWEEPING POWERS as NECESSARY to DEFEND the revolution”WHAT? This is a democratically elected leader TAKING A STRANGLEHOLD on power.

“on a stage outside the presidential palace on Friday (November 23, 2012)”, Morsi said: “I am for ALL Egyptians. I WILL NOT be biased against  any SON (?) of Egypt”, “adding that he was working for social and economic stability and THE ROTATION OF (?) power“. Morsi (is) working for…THE ROTATION OF power” by MAKING A POWER GRAB? We know one person who will be fuming mad about this: GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86). She will also be fuming over “I will never be biased against any SON of Egypt” implying that  WOMEN ARE USELESS and with our knowledge of CHINESE culturewe know how problematic that opinion/attitude/belief is.

Al Jazeera‘s Hoda Abdel-Hamid, reporting from Cairo, said that while the crowds had thinned slightly, there were still many people in Tahrir Square “calling for the fall of the regimethey are (also) calling for the fall of the [Muslim] Brotherhood”So now, the MOHAMMED MORSI administration in Egypt is also being classified as a “regime”.

“In his speech, Morsi said: “I will never be against ANY Egyptians, because WE ARE ALL TOGETHER and we need to GIVE MOMENTUM to FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and the transfer” OF POWER? “I LIKE TO SUPPORT WHAT YOU WANT – to have STABILITY and SAFETY, the safety of the individual and safety of the nation”. “I like to support what you want?” by BECOMING THE LATEST DICTATOR? Again, THIS IS A FREAK SHOW.  “He said he aimed to bring social and economic stability to Egypt. Doing so, he said requires “getting rid of the obstacles of THE PAST“. HUHMorsi is A REPRESENTATION OF “the past” by doing this. “My decision is to keep and to maintain and to preserve the nation and the people. I DON’T want to have all the powersBUT IF I SEE MY NATION IN DANGER, I WILL DO and I WILL ACT. I MUST“. “I DON’T want to have all the powers”REALLY? “If I see my country in danger…”WOWMOHAMED MORSI: A DICTATOR WITH A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITYThis is clearly the latest/yet another FREAK SHOW.

“Our corresponded, Hoda Abdel-Hamid, said that many of Morsi’s supporters had been “bussed in from different parts of the country“, adding that the crowd protesting Morsi’s decree were ANGERED by his speech” as if we DON’T have enough “anger” in the world already. “President Morsi appeared today (November 23, 2012), he said that he was speaking to ALL Egyptiansbut he spoke on a stage (only) to HIS OWN constituency in front of the presidential palace”. NOT SURPRISINGAgain, this is what POLITICIANS do for a living“Many people here (in Cairo) will tell you that IF he’s a president to ALL Egyptians, he SHOULD HAVE spoke to the nation from his own office, but certainly NOT (only) to his constituency”So, Morsi’s “office” IS NOT in “the presidential palace?”

“Morsi’s decree raises VERY SERIOUS human rights concerns, a spokesperson for the UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay said on Friday (November 23 2012)” obviously.

According to Rupert Colville, “(speaking) at the UN in Geneva”, “We are VERY CONCERNED about the possible HUGE ramifications of this declaration on human rights and the rule of law in Egypt” and JUSTIFIABLY SO. “We also FEAR this could lead to a VERY VOLATILE situation over the next few days, starting today (November 23, 2012)  in fact“. We certainly DON’T need any more “fear” or “volatility” these days.

Finally, “Hassan Nafaa, professor of political science at Cairo University, told Al Jazeera that Morsiis erecting himself as an ABSOLUTE monarch” because he DID NOT consult (with) the opposition on the decision”. “The problem IS NOT about the content of the decisions itself, but (instead) about THE WAY it was taken” obviously. “”This is a DANGEROUS  situation for the whole country. It is VERY CONFUSING, because WE DON’T KNOW if we are in the presence of a constitutional declaration, or of a law, or of just administrative degrees. We have ALL OF THIS TOGETHER in the same statement“.

To concludethese are THE LATEST “massprotests” triggered by a POLITICIAN and people have every right to be furious because MORSI is essentially saying that he is going back to the ways of HOSNI MUBARAK and that is something that NO EGYPTIAN WANTS.


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