Partisan Politics Over FILIBUSTERS: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Dems, GOP fight brewing over curbing FILIBUSTERS” (Web-site/URL:

“A brewing and POTENTIALLY BITTER fight over Democratic efforts to curb filibusters is threatening to inflame partisan tensions in the Senate, even as President Barack Obama and Republicans explore whether they can compromise on top tier issues such as DEBT REDUCTION and TAXES“, two issues that certainly WON’T go away anytime soon.

FRUSTRATED by the GOP’s growing use of filibusters, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is considering a Senate vote in the new year (2013) to limit their use“. “I think that the rules have been abused (obviously) and that we’re going to work to CHANGE them“. So it’s now Obama and HARRY REID for “change?” “We’re NOT going to do away with the filibuster, but we’re going to make the Senate a MORE MEANINGFUL (?) place, we’re going to make it so that we can GET THINGS DONE“. There are THREE things to note hereFirst, “frustrated” is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People”Secondly“more meaningful”, again, of course, is open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL: As far as “get things done”well, we don’t know about that, because, let’s face it, CONGRESS HAS BEEN DYSFUNCTIONAL FOR A LONG TIME NOW.

“Changing Senate rules by simple majority, rather than a two-thirds vote, is rarely done and referred to as “the NUCLEAR option“, because it is considered an extreme move that can trigger ALL-OUT PARTISAN BATTLING“, as if there AREN’T enough “nuclear” countries in the world already (IRANNORTH KOREA and CHINA, just to name a few) and as if “all-out partisan battling” ISN’T happening already.

“Don Stewart, spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., WOULD NOT SAY what Republicans would do should Democrats TRY changing the rules by simple majority vote”. “We HOPE Democrats will work toward allowing MEMBERS OF BOTH SIDES to be involved in the legislative process — rather than POISONING THE WELL on THE VERY FIRST DAY  of the next Congress”So REPUBLICANS represent “BOTH sides” now? Also, who is “poisoning the well?” This is the latest case of “We think they made us mad; they think we made them mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL:

“Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson said that while Democrats are open to compromise, McConnellHAS GOT TO KNOW that the American people on Tuesday (November 6 2012) COMPLETELY (?) REJECTED his ENTIRE (?) approach to governing, OBSTRUCTION and GRIDLOCK at EVERY TURN“. AgainWHO IS DOING ALL THISBOTH sides could say this about the othermaking this the latest/another example of “We think they made us mad; they think we made them mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “McConnell spokesman Stewart said Republicans ALREADY compromised in the INFORMAL 2011 agreement that Democrats broke”. “Doing HYPERpartisan actions DOESN’T lead to PARTISAN compromise“.

In conclusion, WHAT’S THE POINT of fighting over filibusters? BOTH parties use themdepending on which party is in the minorityIt’s NOT as if “fighting” over filibusters will achieve anything.


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