Shooting in FRESNO: Yahoo

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Fresno workplace shooting leaves three dead (and) two injured” (Web-site/URL:

The death toll now stands at three from this morning’s (November 6, 2012) workplace shooting at a Fresno, Calif., meat processing plant”.

“Police say Lawrence Jones, 42, a discharged parolee shot four coworkers before shooting himself at about 8:30 a.m.  at Valley Protein, which makes poultry products”. “shot four coworkers” suggests that Jones was DISGRUNTLED.

“at a news conference”, Police Chief Jerry Dyer told reporters: “We’re still trying to determine what PROVOKED these actions“.

The Fresno Bee said the shooter had worked at the plant for 14 months. Employees told investigators that Jones “DID NOT APPEAR TO BE HIMSELF when he came to work“. This is DEEPLY TROUBLING and even DANGEROUS.

The Fresno Bee spoke to witnesses who saw factory workers running from the plant. Roger Medina told the newspaper that he was in a nearby McDonald’s when a man wearing a meat cutter’s vest came RUSHING IN“. Again, this is DEEPLY TROUBLING. “He said, ‘ There’s a guy shooting people over there‘.

Finally, “Joe Martinez, 45, was in the drive-through lane at the McDonald’s and thought he heard a car backfire, the newspaper reported. But he knew it was something else when he saw a CHAOTIC scene unfolding near the plant“, as if we need ANY MORE “chaos” in our lives. “It’s the last thing you EXPECT to seeIT’S VERY UPSETTINGobviously.

This attack was perfectly timed to coincide with THE ELECTIONS.  People are obsessed with the elections so most people WOULD NOT have had ANY idea that this attack was imminentIt caught people COMPLETELY off guard.


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