The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Sandy’s aftermath causes (a) NIGHTMARE commute (and a) housing CRISIS” (Web-site/URL: Both “nightmare” and “crisis” are HIGHLY/HARSHLY NEGATIVE, especially NIGHTMARE.

“Commuters battled UNRULY CROWDS and SNARLED TRAFFIC to return to work Monday (November 5, 2012), a week after superstorm Sandy DEVASTATED the U.S. Northeast, as authorities scrambled to clear debris ahead of more bad weather and put special measures in place to ensure RESIDENTS COULD VOTE in Tuesday’s (November 5, 2012) PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION“, which reinforces how important this election isnot only to the United States, but also THE WORLD. This should send a strong message to those who only pay attention to news on/about CHINA and TAIWAN.

“Many of Sandy’s victims were still suffering, and living conditions were harsh for tens of thousands of people unable to return to their homes. Some 1.4 million homes and businesses were due to endure another night of NEAR-FREEZING temperatures without power or heat”.

So what’s being done to clear the backlog of voters that will inevitably arise? “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New Yorkers would be able to vote in ANY polling place – instead of just their assigned location – by presenting an affidavit, while in New Jersey, storm-affected residents will be designated as OVERSEAS voters, allowing them to submit an absentee vote by FAX or E-MAIL” because it will surely be difficult to get around today (November 6, 2012).

More specifically, Cuomo said: “A 60-mile-an-hour wind with a street FILLED WITH ALL SORTS OF PERSONAL BELONGINGS AND GLASS AND FIXTURES, you could have A LOT of DANGEROUS MATERIAL FLYING AROUND” obviously. “This storm, on ANY OTHER given day, I DON’T think would have been life threatening. In this situation, IT’S SERIOUS” obviously because THERE’S AN ELECTION happening/going on and MANY people will be out and about. “Cuomo also RATCHETED UP his criticism of the state’s power companies”. “The progress is UNACCEPTABLE. To say that I am ANGRY, to say that I am FRUSTRATED (and) DISAPPOINTED would be the understatement of the decade”. This is another/the latest example of people being “frustrated”which, of course, is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

“In Belmar, Lake Como and Spring Lake, they were taking the precaution of pumping three lakes in these towns nearly to the bottom so groundwater would leak into them and lawns could better absorb the rain”. On Monday (November 5, 2012) Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty said: “By draining the lakes, we’re LOWERING the water table in the neighborhoods around themWe did this last year (2011) with Hurricane Irene and we found (that) IT MADE A DIFFERENCE“.

“Most of New York City’s 15,070 schools reopened, but 57 SUFFERED STRUCTURAL DAMAGE and NEEDED TO BE RELOCATED, 19 LACKED POWER and another 16 were closed because they were being used as shelters, education officials said”.

“Mayor Michael Bloomberg appointed a director of housing recovery operations to assist the 30,000 to 40,000 people in need of shelter”Is this person COMPETENT?

According to Brad Gair, “a former FEMA senior official”, “We CANNOT call our recovery complete until EVERY New Yorker has a place to call home again“. Is this the latest FREAK SHOW? FEMA of course is the agency that FAILED MISERABLY during Hurricane KATRINA that left many in NEW ORLEANS STRANDED ON ROOFTOPS and THE FLOODED OUT SUPERDOME, among other places.

“New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into post-Sandy PRICE GOUGING after receiving hundreds of complaints from consumers across the state”. Again, unfortunatelythere will always unscrupulous individuals who try to profit or otherwise take advantage of other people’s suffering/misfortunes.

“As a Northeast Corridor Line train on the New Jersey Transit network pulled into Newark, passengers wondered aloud how the hundreds of people who crowded the platform would squeeze into the already-packed train“. This sort of scene wouldn’t be surprising in CHINAbut is surprising in THE UNITED STATES, because we’d like to think that people in the western world are more CIVILIZED.

“Federal agencies were trying to secure about 350 buses to alleviate the NIGHTMARE commute from New Jersey to Manhattan”There’s that HIGHLY/HARSHLY NEGATIVE word again: “nightmare”.

“Those who chose to drive had to brave long lines at the pump before joining the traffic jams. Service stations LACKED ELECTRICITY  or GASOLINE due to disruptions in the fuel chain”, and again, obviouslyVERY FEW people would be driving if not for THE ELECTION.

According to Sal Risalvato, “executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline, Convenience Store (and) Automotive Association”, “It’s NOT pretty” obviously. “We’ve got about 80 percent of the gas stations in the northern part of the state that DON’T have EITHER electricity OR gas. I’ve got guys that have electricity, BUT they DON’T have any gas left and I’ve got A LOT of people that have gas in the ground, BUT NO electricity”This is indeed THE PERFECT disaster and it was only a Category storm.

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie imposed gasoline RATIONING, while some New Jerseyans took to HIRING SCHOOLCHILDREN TO STAND IN LINE WITH GAS CANS“. So that’s how bad the gas shortage in New Jersey was.

Finally, “In Maplewood, New Jersey, middle schooler Liam Kafrissen, 13, LEAPT AT  the $20 offer while staying home on his sixth canceled day of school. Pulling a little red wagon with three gas cans totaling 5.75 gallons (21.8 liters), Kafrissen smiled on his second trip back from the Delta gas station close to his school, STILL shut without power“. “And I’m still in my pajamas!” Only little kids are happy about storms like thesebecause they get an UNEXPECTED day off from schoolbut do they realize that THEY HAVE TO MAKE THESE DAYS UP AT THE END OF THE YEAR?


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