The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “New York City (of all places) faces post-storm housing CRISIS” (Web-site/URL: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/americas/2012/11/2012114165046921809.html). “crises” must be DEALT WITH.

“New York is facing a GROWING housing crisis with tens of thousands left homeless by super storm Sandy, as temperatures PLUNGE, LONG QUEUES continue for FUEL and POWER OUTAGES  linger“. Again “fuel” and “power” are NECESSITIES that we CAN’T live without.

“Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s mayor, estimated on Sunday (November 4, 2012) that 30,000-40,000 houses  in the city alone had been left unusable by the storm”. NOT GOOD.

“Sandy BATTERED 15 states with FIERCE WINDS and a HUGE tidal surge that left at least 113 dead in the United States and Canada and caused some $20bn in damage”“battered” is clearly VIOLENT.

“New York state governor Andrew Cuomo told a press conference” “It is starting to get COLD (and) People are in homes that are UNINHABITABLE” and this, again, of course, is a HUGE problem. “We are going to have tens of thousands of people who need housing solutions RIGHT AWAYThis is clearly a HUMANITARIAN CRISISbut again we pose this question: when was the last time a POLITICIAN did anything “right away?” NEVER. This is going to be a MASSIVE, MASSIVE housing problem“. OKAgain the question is: what are POLITICIANS going to do about thisMost likely NOTHING AS USUAL.

Finally, “Bloomberg on Sunday  compared the crisis to that in New Orleans after Hurricane KATRINA hit in 2005″. “I DON’T know that anybody has ever taken THIS NUMBER of people and found housing overnight”. This is the latest example of a POLITICIAN DEFLECTING RESPONSIBILITY. “Tens of thousands fled New Orleans because of the storm and found shelter in other cities”. “In this case, people are STAYING in New York City and IT’S A CHALLENGE FOR US“. OK the question is: are these POLITICIANS able and more importantly WILLING TO MEET/TAKE ON this “challenge?”

To conclude, there is only one man who can lead the United States through this “crisis”: PRESIDENT OBAMAMitt Romney is simply unqualified because he’s too busy MAKING MONEY OFF OF OTHERS.


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