2012 Elections: THE HOME STRETCH (Yahoo!)

The title of a Yahoo! article released on November 4, 2012 is “In final days of Obama campaign, little drama, PLENTY OF PASSIONand (even) some DANCING” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/final-days-obama-campaign-little-drama-plenty-passion-204844612–election.html). “dancing?” WOW.

“after an event in Lima, Ohio, on Friday (November 2, 2012)”, campaign strategist David Axelrod told reporters: “I’ve known him (Obama) for 20 years. …(and) I’ve never seen him more EXHILARATED than he is right now“. “exhilarated”, of course, is obviously a very POSITIVE emotion. He feels very cognizant (aware) about the fact that this is his last campaign“.

On Friday (November 2, 2012) in Lima, Ohio, Obama said: “We’ve tried our (i.e. HISideas and they WORKEDWe tried the other folks’ (i.e. REPUBLICANS‘) ideas—(and) they DON’T work“, perhaps FINAL push for votes?

“The core of these speeches, however, is that Obama is “a champion“, in his words, for the WORKING class and the DOWNTRODDEN“the working class and the downtrodden”, of course, outnumber RICH people (making $250K or more/year) and MILLIONAIRES/BILLIONAIRESThis is a direct attack on MITT ROMNEY‘s tenure at BAIN CAPITAL.

“On Saturday (November 3, 2012)  in Milwaukee, Wis.”, Obama said: “Kids dreaming of becoming scientists or doctors, engineers or entrepreneurs, diplomats, MAYBE (even) A PRESIDENTTHEY NEED A CHAMPIONobviously and PRESIDENT OBAMA will be that champion. “The future will NEVER have LOBBYISTS like the status quo does, but the dreams of those kids will be our saving grace“. “lobbyists” of courseare a HUGE obstacle to government productivity“lobbyists” surely played a HUGE role in former senator BLANCHE LINCOLN playing games with HEALTHCARE REFORM (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMFIQ7ERdPI). In factLINCOLN HERSELF BECAME a lobbyist after being defeated by JOHN BOOZMAN in 2010 (Web-site/URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blanche_Lincoln).

Finally, “…Axelrod also offered a serious assessment to back his team’s confidence, citing the slew of recent polls showing the president LEADING in BATTLEGROUND states”. “Our views are based on COLD, HARD DATA. They’re NOT  based on this kind of MYSTICAL faith that there’s this HIDDEN vote that’s going to come ROARING OUT on Election Day”like MITT ROMNEY. At least this is what we are being led to BELIEVE (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “In final days of Obama campaign, little dramaPLENTY OF PASSIONand (even) some DANCING. So the OBAMA camp is feeling PRETTY ABOUT their chancesThey seem to be RIDING HIGH.


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