The title of an ABC News article released on November 2, 2012 is “SCREAMS of Joy as POWER Restored to Sandy’s Hard Hit Victims” (Web-site/URL: http://abcnews.go.com/US/flotilla-gas-barges-bring-relief-sandys-gas-pains/story?id=17623343#.UJVJ02_Ae6W).

INCREASINGLY IMPATIENT Sandy survivors got another glimmer of hope when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that a flotilla of ships and barges began unloading GASOLINE in an effort to reduce long lines of GAS-desperate motorists”. “at a news conference today (November 2, 2012)”Cuomo said: “The issue of gasoline has created CONCERN and ANXIETY and practical problems all throughout the region“. “impatient”“concern” and “anxiety” of course are HIGHLY NEGATIVE emotions and we’ve had MORE THAN OUR FAIR SHARE OFWe certainly DON’T need any more of those. “People (simply) CAN’T get gas. It’s SLOWED DOWN the delivery of service, it’s INCREASED THE STRESS LEVEL all across the region“. This is something that we DEFINITELY DON’T need any more of: “stress”.

“Cuomo said that DEBRIS in New York’s harbor, much of it ship containers BLOWN INTO THE WATER and LURKING BELOW THE SURFACE, had posed a threat to navigation until they were cleaned up. The port was reopened Thursday (November 1, 2012). In addition, Sandy’s FLOODING damaged some pumping equipment used to move the gas”. “There should be A REAL CHANGE in conditions and people should see it QUICKLYWill this “real change” be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE?

“Four days after the storm, supplies are FINALLY making their way to the borough and Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro is BOLING OVER IN ANGER at what he sees as a SLOW relief effort“. Again, people’s emotions “boiling over” is something else that we DON’T need any more of. “This is AMERICA, NOT A THIRD-WORLD COUNTRY. WE NEED FOOD (and) WE NEED CLOTHINGLet’s rephrase this: “food” and “clothing” are things that we, as people in THE UNITED STATES SHOULDN’T be struggling for/to get/obtain.

“Staten Island resident Desi Caruso told ABC News (that) Sandy has DESTROYED his neighborhood“. “destroyed” is a POWERFUL/STRONG word. “This neighborhood, WE ARE CLOSE. WE LIKE EACH OTHER and now all of our lives here are going to SEPARATE and we’re going to be BROKEN APART“. Again, this is SAD.

According to Marianne Russell, of Moonachie, N.J., speaking to WABC, “THAT’S IT. I HAVE NOTHING. I CAN’T get to my job. I had two cars down there because WE THOUGHT they’d be safe (and) They’re GONE“. This is the latest expression of EXASPERATION.

According to Dennis Cucci, “whose home NEAR THE OCEAN in Point Pleasant Beach was HEAVILY DAMAGED“. This is one of those times when it ISN’T cool to be “near the ocean”. A LOT of tears are being shed today (November 2, 2012). IT’S ABSOLUTELY MIND-BOGGLING. 

“Bloomberg said THE MAIN concern now is over the elderly and poor (who are) ALL BUT TRAPPED on upper floors of housing complexes in the POWERLESS buildings“. “(On) Thursday (November 1, 2012), as officials expressed concern about people having to haul water from fire hydrants up DARKENED flights of stairs“. Noticed “darkened”…AGAIN.

Finally, “Before power was restored today (November 2, 2012), Mary Wilson, 75, walked downstairs from the 19th floor of her Chelsea apartment for the first time Thursday (November 1, 2012) because she ran out of bottled water and felt she was going to FAINT. She said she met people on the stairs who helped her down”. “after buying water from a convenience store”, Wilson said: “I did A LOT OF PRAYING: ‘ Help me to get to the main floor’Now I’ve got to PRAY to get to the top. I said, ‘ I’ll go down today (November 2, 2012) or they’ll find me dead“.

This may seem foolishbut this just reinforces how people are driven to act when they DON’T have basic NECESSITIES.


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