“ISOLATED” NYC Borough STRUGGLES After Hurricane SANDY: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “ISOLATED NYC borough says HELP IS SLOW after Sandy” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/isolated-nyc-borough-says-help-slow-sandy-064220250.html).

“The mother grabbed her two boys and fled their home as it filled with water, HOPING to outrun Superstorm Sandy”Of courseTHIS WAS NOT TO BE.

“But Glenda Moore and her SUV WERE NO MATCH  for the EPIC storm” obviously. “Moore’s Ford Explorer STALLED in the rising tide, and the rushing waters SNATCHED  2-year-old Brandon and 4-year-old Connor from her arms as they tried to escape“. OH NO.

“The youngsters’ bodies were recovered from a marsh Thursday (November 1, 2012) — the latest, MOST GUT-WRENCHING blow in New York’s Staten Islandan ISOLATED city borough hard-hit by the storm and yet, residents say, LARGELY FORGOTTEN by federal officials assessing damage of the MONSTER storm that has killed more than 90 people in 10 states”.

“as he announced the boys’ BODIES had been found on the third day of a search that included police divers and sniffer dogs”, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said: TERRIBLE, ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLEIT JUST COMPOUNDS all the TRAGIC aspects of this HORRIFIC event“, as if we need ANY MORE “compounding” of “tragedies” and “horrific events” in our lives.

According to James Molinaro, “the borough’s (Staten Island’s) president”, “We have hundreds of people in sheltersMany of them, when the shelters close, have nowhere to go because their homes are destroyed. These ARE NOT homeless people. They’re homeless NOW.

According to 82-year-old Geraldine Giordano, a lifelong resident of the West Village (New York)IT’S TOO MUCH. YOU’RE IN YOUR HOUSE (?) (and) You’re FREEZINGThis is another person who should’ve LEFT/EVACUATED. “Near her home, city employees had set up a sink where residents could get fresh water, if they needed it. There were few takers“. NOBODY wants to drink THAT water“, obviously because it’s CONTAMINATED.

According to Rosemarie Zurlo, “a makeup artist who once worked on Woody Allen movies”, “EVERYBODY’S TIRED OF IT ALREADY. I’M LEAVING because I’M FREEZING. MY APARTMENT IS ICE COLD. “I’m freezing” and “My apartment is ice cold”Zurlo only realizes this NOW?

According to Monique George of Manhattan-based Community Voices Heard”, “It’s been mostly OLDER folks who AREN’T (?) able to get out“. Wellsome REFUSED TO LEAVE (and they know who they are). “In some cases, they hadn’t talked to folks in a few days. They haven’t even seen anybody BECAUSE THE NEIGHBORS EVACUATED. Again, why didn’t MORE people “evacuate?” “They’re actually happy that folks are checking (in on them), happy to see another person. To NOT see someone for a few days, in this city (NYC),IT’S KIND OF WEIRD” obviously.

“Along the devastated Jersey Shore and New York’s beachfront communities, a lack of electricity was THE LEAST of anyone’s worries. Residents were allowed back in their neighborhoods Thursday (November 2, 2012) for the first time since Sandy made landfall Monday night (October 29, 2012). Some were relieved to find only minor damage, but many others were wiped out”, AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

According to Dennis Cucci, “whose home near the ocean in Point Pleasant Beach SUSTAINED HEAVY DAMAGE“, A LOT OF TEARS are being shed today (November 2, 2012). IT’S ABSOLUTELY MIND-BOGGLING.

Finally, “After touring a flood-ravaged area of northeastern New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie said it was time to ACT, NOT MOURN“. Again, EASIER SAID THAN DONE. “We’re in thetriage and ATTACK phaseof the storm, so we can RESTORE POWER, REOPEN SCHOOLS, GET PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION BACK ONLINE and ALLOW PEOPLE TO RETURN TO THEIR HOMES IF THEY’VE BEEN DISPLACED” and of courseA LOT OF “people have been displaced”but of courseRESTORE POWER is Priority #1 because without electricity, WE CAN’T DO MUCH.



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