Protests at a Chemical Plant in CHINA: Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on October 30, 2012 is “Protests over CHEMICAL FACTORY resume in China” (Web-site/URL:

“Protests resumed Sunday (October 28, 2012) in an eastern Chinese city where thousands of residents had CLASHED with police a day earlier (October 27, 2012) while demonstrating against the proposed expansion of a petrochemical factory over pollution FEARS“. Again, “clashes” are often VIOLENT and we certainly DON’T need ANY MORE violence. 

“Several hundred citizens of Ningbo, which is in Zhejiang province, set off from a city square and headed for the offices of the municipal government on Sunday morning (October 28, 2012). Hundreds were stopped at the gate of the offices by a circle of uniformed police. They shouted for the release of people they believed had been detained by police a day earlier (October 27, 2012), for the protection of Ningbo and for the city’s mayor (Liu Qi) to come out” to speak with the activists/meet their demands.

According to a 40-year-old WOMAN surnamed Jing”, “We can only depend on OURSELVES now, (because) WE CAN’T count on the government to think about us” of course because in CHINA and HONG KONGPOLITICIANS/PUBLIC SERVANTS are paid MORE than people doing the same jobs in the PRIVATE sectoras odd as that soundsThis, of course, leads to MASSIVE CORRUPTION and ABUSE OF POWER because politicians are under the impression that they are INFALLIBLE/ABOVE/BEYOND REPROACH.

“A 30-year-old WOMAN surnamed Wang said officers took her to a police station Saturday (October 27, 2012) and MADE HER sign a guarantee that she would not participate in any more protests, but she came back Sunday (October 28, 2012) anyway”. “made her” is another/the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:, which as we knowis UGLYbut again, unfortunately, this technique is often used by DICTATORS/UNdemocratic governments. “They won’t even let us SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM“. Well, “the national anthems” of UNdemocratic countries always talk about revolutions, but the problem is that the government after the revolution is often WORSE than the one before the revolution. “They kept asking me who the leader of the protests was and I said that THIS IS ALL VOLUNTARY. WE HAVE NO LEADER“.

“In a sign that CENSORS were at work, the name “Zhenhai” — the city district where the factory is located — was blocked on China’s popular microblogging site Sina Weibo and searches for “chemicalexpansion project” were greeted with the line that “Some search results are not shown ACCORDING TO REGULATIONS“, some of THE MOST RIDICULOUS “regulations that the world has ever seenThis is the consequence for many foreigners in China now: because so many sites are blocked (Web-site/URL:’s_Republic_of_China), there are surely many deaths by SUFFOCATION because people can only read and watch WHAT THE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT APPROVES OF and from this perspective/standpointChina is ANCIENT. We’re now in the 21st centuryWhy is media STILL NOT free and why do people STILL NOT have the FUNDAMENTAL freedom of SPEECH, THOUGHT and EXPRESSION? 

According to protester Jing, “as she pointed to the smoggy air”, “We have to do this for our future and (more importantly), OUR FAMILY’s future” obviously. “The sky was so clear when I was a child. LOOK AT IT NOW“. China is filled with SMOG CITIES these days.

“Another protester, Yu Yibing, said he wanted the factory to be CLOSED, NOT EXPANDED and his 7-year-old son to grow up in a CLEAN environment” obviously. More specifically, according to the 38-year-old, “As the COMMON people, we need to live in a green environment. THIS IS A REASONABLE REQUEST“. UnfortunatelyCommunists are generally NOT “reasonable”.  “But the government ONLY PUTS OUT SOME STATEMENT and REFUSES TO SEE US and also SUPPRESSES US. I DON’T KNOW HOW ELSE WE CAN EXPRESS OUR VIEWS” in a REASONABLE way/manner making this the latest statement/expression of EXASPERATION.

Finally, “The Zhenhai district government, which comes under the Ningbo government, said Ningbo’s Communist Party chief, Wang Huizhong, and mayor, Liu Qi, had held discussions with local residents Saturday night (October 27, 2012)”.

“A statement posted on the district government’s website Sunday (October 28, 2012) said that the opinions and advice of the people who attended “ARE VERY HELPFUL” to the party committee and municipal government’s decision-making and that the expansion project was “at an EARLY stage“. “are very helpful” is the latest FREAK SHOW. “We will further solicit opinions and respond to people’s concerns and actively respond to people’s REASONABLE requests and demands“, with what is “reasonable”, againbeing dictated by COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.

Againthis IS NOT what the COMMUNIST Chinese government wants to see or wants reported ahead of a leadership change/transitionCommunist party and other dictatorial officials want to retain ABSOLUTE CONTROL over ALL aspects of people’s lives.


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