Hurricane SANDY (Yahoo!): Chapter 2

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Sandy leaves DEATH, DAMP and DARKNESS in wake” (Web-site/URL: Obviously, “death” is THE MOST significant word/thing “left” here.

Millions of people from Maine to the Carolinas awoke Tuesday (October 30, 2012) without power and AN EERILY QUIET New York City was all but closed off by car, train and air as SUPERstorm Sandy STEAMED inland, STILL delivering punishing wind and rain“. “steamed” suggests/implies that Sandy STILL HAS SOME MOMENTUM. ” The U.S. death toll climbed to 33, many of the victims killed by FALLING TREES“. Again, during a HUGE storm (and this storm was HUGE in terms of the area it covered)this is EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: Also “New York City” and “eerily quiet” DON’T usually go together.

According to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, “We are in the midst of URBAN search and rescue“, implying, of course, that there could be people stranded in RURAL areas that we DON’T know about.  “OUR TEAMS ARE MOVING AS FAST AS THEY CAN“, but unfortunately, THEY CAN’T GET TO EVERYONEThis is a recurring theme in EVERY natural disaster. “The DEVASTATION on the Jersey Shore is SOME OF THE WORST WE’VE EVER SEEN. THE COST OF THIS STORM IS INCALCULABLE AT THIS POINT“. WHATEVER “the cost”WE MUST PAY ITWe mustn’t be squabbling over moneythe debt and the deficit WHEN PEOPLE’S LIVES ARE AT STAKE.

According to Faye Schwartz, “as she looked over damage in (her) neighborhood in Brooklyn, where CARS WERE SCATTERED LIKE LEAVES“, “OH JESUS. OH NO“.

“Reggie Thomas, a maintenance supervisor at a prison near the overflowing Hudson River, emerged from an overnight shift there, a toothbrush in his front pocket, to find his Honda with IT’S WINDOWS DOWN and A FOOT OF WATER INSIDE” with THE LATTER being THE MAIN concern, of course. “The windows automatically go down when the car is submerged to free drivers”. “WITH A SHRUG“, Thomas said: It’s TOTALEDYou would have needed A BOAT last night (October 29, 2012)”, the latest expression of EXASAPERATION.

According to John Miksad, “senior vice president for electric operations at Consolidated Edison, which had more than 670,000 customers without power in and around New York City”, “This (the number of people without power) will be one FOR THE RECORD BOOKS. WOWAlso, notice 670000These numbers are STAGGERING/MIND-BOGGLING.

According to Little Ferry resident Leo Quigley, “who, with his wife, was taken to higher ground by boat”, “I looked out and the next thing you know, the water just came up through the grates. It came up so quickly (that) YOU COULDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.IF YOU WANTED TO MOVE YOUR CAR TO HIGHER GROUNDYOU DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH TIMEIs this true or did Quigley and his wife NOT LISTEN TO or IGNORE EVACUATION ORDERS?

“Alice Goldberg, 15, a tourist from Paris, was watching television in the hotel — whose slogan is “UpTOWN, Not UpTIGHT” — when a voice came over the loudspeaker and told everyone to leave“. Surely A LOT OF PEOPLE were “uptight”. “as she and hundreds of others gathered in the luggage-strewn marble lobby”, “They (authorities) said to take ONLY WHAT WE NEEDED and LEAVE THE REST, because we’ll come back in TWO or THREE (?) daysHOPE SO“. She certainly DOESN’T sound too sure.

“An explosion Monday night (October 29, 2012) at a substation for Consolidated Edison, the main utility service in New York City, knocked out power to about 310,000 customers in Manhattan”. According to Stephen Weisbrot, “(speaking) from his 10th-floor apartment”, “It sounded like the Fourth of July”but of courseIT WASN’TThis clearly WAS NOT a celebration.

Finally, “In Baltimore, fire officials said four unoccupied rowhouses COLLAPSED in the storm, sending debris into the street, BUT (fortunately) CAUSING NO INJURIES. A blizzard in western Maryland caused A PILEUP of tractor-trailers that blocked part of Interstate 68 on slippery Big Savage Mountain”. According to Bill Wiltson, “a Maryland State Police dispatcher”, “It’s like A LONG-TAILED CAT in a room full of rocking chairs up here“. “a long-tailed cat”, of course, CANNOT DO ANYTHING BECAUSE HIS “tail” is HOLDING HIM BACKRelating this to Hurricane SandyMANY PEOPLE STILL CAN’T DO ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO ELECTRICITY.

Was it REALLY this bad? Surely, this wasn’t just the hurricane by/in and of itself. This was a SUPERstorm and it was only a Category storm in terms of intensity, so it must have be a hurricane COMBINED WITH OTHER STUFF.


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