SANDY Makes Landfall (Chapter 1): Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on October 29, 2012 is SUPERstorm Sandy SLAMS INTO (the) New Jersey coast, sends SURGE of seawater against NYC” (Web-site/URL: “slams into” is clearly VIOLENT, while “surge” suggests/implies STRENGTH.

“President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney cancelled their campaign appearances at THE VERY HEIGHT of the race, with just over a week to go before Election Day. The president pledged the government’s help and MADE A DIRECT PLEA from the White House to those in the storm’s path”. “When they (i.e. local government officials) tell you to evacuate, YOU NEED TO (i.e. MUST) evacuateDON’T DELAY, DON’T PAUSE, (and) DON’T QUESTION THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT ARE BEING GIVEN, because THIS IS (still) A POWERFUL STORM” obviously even though IT’S NO LONGER A HURRICANEWellagain GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) WON’T like the sound of/hearing “Don’t question the instructions that are being given” because as we knowGigi Ibrahim “questions” just about EVERYTHING.

“Pete Wilson, who owns an antiques shop in Cape May, N.J., at the state’s southern tip and DIRECTLY IN Sandy’s path, said the water was 6 inches above the bottom edge of the door. He had already taken a truckload of antiques out, but WAS CERTAIN (that) he would take a BIG hit” obviously. “My jewelry cases are going to be TOASTI AM NOT TOO HAPPY” again obviously. “I am just going to have to WAIT (like everyone else) and HOPEFULLY (?) CLEAN UP“. ” HOPEFULLY clean up?” He HAS TO, doesn’t he?

“New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said people were stranded in Atlantic City, which sits on a barrier island. He ACCUSED the mayor (Lorenzo T Langford) of allowing them to stay there”. “accused”, of course, the latest example of POLITICIANS “blaming and criticizing” each other (Web-site/URL: “With the hurricane ROARING through, Christie warned (that) IT WAS NO LONGER SAFE for rescuers and advised people who DIDN’T evacuate the barrier islands to “hunker down” until morning (October 30, 2012)“. “I HOPE, I PRAY, that there WON’T be any loss of life because of it (Sandy)” obviouslyOf course this is what we’re all HOPING FORbut of course, unfortunately, this is a HURRICANE which is a NATURAL DISASTER which means that inevitably and unfortunately, THERE WILL INEVITABLY BE “loss of life”.

According to Jeff Masters, “meteorology director for Weather Underground, a private forecasting service”, “We are looking at THE HIGHEST storm surges EVER RECORDED” in the Northeast” the latest attempt to create FEAR among those living in the afflicted/affected region/areas and DIDN’T/REFUSED TO evacuate.

“At Cape May (New Jersey), water SLOSHED OVER the seawall, and it PUNCHED THROUGH dunes in other seaside communities. Sandy also TORE AWAY an old section of Atlantic City’s historic boardwalk”. “sloshed over”, “punched through” and “tore away” are yet more VIOLENT phrases.

According to Bob McDevitt, “president of the main Atlantic City casino workers union”, “When I think about how much water is already in the streets and how much MORE is going to come with high tide tonight (October 29, 2012)THIS IS GOING TO BE DEVASTATING. I think this is going to be a REALLY BAD situation tonight (October 29, 2012)”, again, obviously.

“In Maryland, at least 100 feet of a fishing pier at the beach resort of Ocean City was DESTROYED and Gov. Martin O’Malley said THERE WOULD BE DEVASTATING FLOODING from the swollen Chesapeake Bay”. “destroyed” is another/the latest VIOLENT word.  “There will be people who DIE and ARE KILLED in this storm“, yet another attempt by a POLITICIAN to SCARE/FRIGHTEN people.

Finally, “Sheila Gladden evacuated her home in Philadelphia’s FLOOD-PRONE Eastwick neighborhood, which took on 5 1/2 feet of water during Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and headed for a hotel”. “I’m NOT going through this again“. So AT LEAST ONE person LISTENED to the advice of government officialsHowever, we must say thatas admirable as it is to love our homesIT IS NO FUN LIVING WITH NO ELECTRICITYespecially when it’s freezing cold or boiling hotWhen there’s no electricityof course we will then have issues of FOOD GOING BAD/SPOILINGAt least, we can avoid this by staying in hotels where they surely have backup generatorsIt is certainly NO FUN if we insist on staying at home during a disaster and then the power goes out and then, we get sick from eating spoiled food or drinking contaminated water. Under these circumstances, SAFETY must be considered ahead of COST/PRICES (a CHINESE HOUSEWIFE‘s obsession) and LOYALTY to our homes.


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