Hurricane SANDY: CNN

The title of a recently released CNN article is “(Hurricane) Sandy kills 11 in Cuba, then BATTERS Bahamas” (Web-site/URL: “batters” is clearly VIOLENT.

“Eleven people died as Hurricane Sandy PUMMELED Cuba on Thursday (October 25, 2012), STATE media reported”. “pummeled” is the latest VIOLENT word and again “state media” is heavily biased.

“Nine deaths occurred in Santiago de Cuba province and two bodies were recovered in Guantanamo state (home to the infamous GUANTANAMO BAY prison that still HASN’T been shut down), NATIONAL media reported, citing civil defense authorities”. “national media”, again, is STATE “media”.

“Cuban President Raul Castro will travel Friday (October 26 2012) to Santiago de Cuba, the country’s second largest city, to SURVEY the damage“. Given that Raul Castro is a CASTRO (i.e. a DICTATOR like his brother FIDEL before him)this is most likely A FREAK SHOW/SHOW FOR THE CAMERAS/MEDIA.

“More than 3,000 buildings were damaged in eastern Cuba, STATE television reported”. That’s A LOT for ONE AREA.

According to “a woman named Dulce, a doctor in the city of Santiago”, “I lost an upstairs room and PART OF MY ROOF“. Of course, THE ROOF is the primary/major concernIT’S SCARY to think about the prospect of having OUR HEADS exposed to the elements.  “There are TREES DOWN ALL OVER THE PLACE. EVERYONE IS IN SHOCK. WE HAVE NEVER HAD A STORM HIT LIKE THIS“. This is because Cuba is a POOR country with relatively old infrastructure as this is onlyCategory 1 storm.

“In the Bahamas, as Olivia Jorjani and her mother were trying to watch the World Series game between power outages, tree branches in Nassau STARTED TO BREAK and parking lots BEGAN TO FLOOD“. Again that’s NOT good. In fact, it’s SCARY. Speaking fromfrom her home on New Providence Island”, the IReporter said: “It was just a matter of time before the lights went out again and “then, we will play gin by candlelight“.

“New Yorker John Trudden was staying at Club Med on San Salvador Island, celebrating a friend’s birthday with 10 buddiesHe said THEY WILL BE CONFINED TO THE HOTEL, which gave them food and drink to take to their rooms, until 8 a.m. Friday (October 26, 2012), when officials EXPECT most of the storm to have passed over”. Is this a REASONABLE EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL: Also, “confined to the hotel” ISN’T too bad AS LONG AS THEY HAVE A GOOD BREAKFAST WITH OMELETTES and MORE THAN 2 people can eat that breakfast.

BEFORE Sandy arrived, Nassau (Bahamas) resident Stephan Rolle WASN’T overly worried“. It is (just/merely/only) a “small storm” with “mediocre wind“. How about AFTERWARDS

According to CNNI Reporter Cynthia Russell, “an administration manager”, “DON’T think that it’s going to do  “Think THERE COULD BE but in Nassau (capital of the Bahamas)things ARE NOT as bad as they may be in the outer islands”.

CNN meteorologist and severe weather expert Chad Myers said Sandy COULD have a BIGGER impact than Irene did last year (2011), when it glanced off North Carolina before PLOWING INTO the Northeast”. Of course, “plowed into” is far more powerful and AGGRESSIVE than “glanced off”. “This COULD BE like thePerfect Storm‘ 21 years ago (1991). It DEPENDS ON where it hits“. Again, “could be” and “depends on” are TENTATIVE phrases/signify UNCERTAINTY.

“Jason Russo, a visitor from Connecticut, COULDN’T RESIST jumping in“. Speaking to CNN affiliate WSVNRusso said: “I went in the water, I did about three somersaultsSTRONG rip current“, but Russo’s talking like THERE’S NOTHING TO ITIn other wordshe WASN’T scaredAt least, this is THE IMPRESSION we’re getting from him.

“Fort Lauderdale’s Ocean Rescue advised beachgoers to stay out of the water, but acknowledged NOT everyone would heed the warning” of course.

According to Fort Lauderdale Chief Breck Ballou, “The expert surfers will be out there, so we just tell them to be careful and we’re there if they need our helpWE’RE THERE TO GO OUT THERE AND GET THEM“. Some people, however, will be STUBBORN and insist that they DON’T need ANY “help” EVEN WHEN THEY DO.

Finally, “In the Dominican Republic, Misael Rincon, a CNN iReporter, couldn’t sleep as Sandy’s rain BEAT DOWN ON Santo Domingo because he knew his neighborhood is prone to flooding”. IT WOULD BE DIFFICULT to sleep with “rain beating down”with “beating down” being a VIOLENT action, not to mention the UNEASINESS and ANXIETY that comes with the knowledge of our neighborhoods being flooded.

“He drove to work on Thursday (October 25, 2012) but had to change his route several times, as he encountered roads with water levels too high. Even though he drives an SUV, a blue Ford Explorer, he was not high enough off the ground to avoid having water seep into his vehicle. “I’d say (that) 70% of the streets in Santo Domingo are flooded“.

Againwe can do NOTHING except WAIT & SEE how this all plays out/how sever this storm actually is.


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