LIBYA: Post-GADHAFI Fighting in BANI WALID (Al-Jazeera)

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Deadly fighting rages in Libya’s Bani Walid” (Web-site/URL:

“At least three people have been killed and seven more injured in fighting in the northern Libyan town of Bani Walid”Again“fighting” is VIOLENT.

“The casualties come as clashes continue in the town of 85,000 residents, a former stronghold of ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi”Again“clashes” are VIOLENT.

“Libyan soldiers have been fighting Gaddafi loyalists in the beseiged town for more than three weeks. But troops BLAME  officials for not providing enough equipment or supplies to win the battle”. This is the latest example of “blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL:, which, of course, as we know, is EXTREMELY problematicAlso“Gaddafi loyalists” ARE STILL AROUND/LURKING AROUNDwaiting for any opportunity to cause trouble.

According to Field Commander Mohamed Hetwash, “WE HAVE NOTHINGWe don’t know why. The problem is all the people here are under the administration of the minister of defense (whom the people clearly DON’T trust) – and WE buy the weapons, WE buy the water, WE buy the food, BY OURSELVES. RICH people in Tripoli buy the food for usthe minister is absent”another expression of ANGER and FRUSTRATION (Web-site/URL:

“The shortages are WORSE inside the city, say families fleeing the violence, which comes exactly a year after Libya was declared “liberated” by armed fighters and opposition politicians”. ARE the Libyan people now TRULY “liberated?”

Both food and water are scarce commodities and the town’s hospital has come under fire…” Again, that’s NOT GOOD.

 According to Mohammed Abdel-Salam, “as his car was searched”, “We haven’t slept in days from the FEAR of dying and the sounds of shelling“. “fear” seems to be EVERYWHERE in the Middle East these days. “My house was SHELLED WITH A ROCKET and DESTROYED. Medicine is becoming scarce in pharmacies, EVEN FOOD IN SHOPSmedicine and food are NECESSITIES, which many people in poor countries unfortunately STRUGGLE TO or simply CANNOT afford.

Finally, according to Mohammed Shetawi, “The families wanted to take their children away from the violence, but militias UNDER THE GUISE OF government forces shot
at them to make them turn back. The injured have been sent to (various) hiding places, private homes and mosques. We HOPE these ARMED GANGS will RESPECT (?) the mosques, but WE DON’T THINK SOobviously“armed gangs” usually DON’T “respect” others. Alsothe term “armed gangs” is being used just like GADHAFI was never ousted, which, again, is SCARY. “What you are seeing in Bani Walid is an age-old TRIBAL FEUD between Misrata and Bani Walid and the militias are USING the government as PROTECTION” or as a SHIELD. “They are USING this news to JUSTIFY their violent actions against Bani Walid”. “violence”of course, can NEVER be justified when PEACEFUL options are still on the table. “If they can PRETEND (that) they have captured Gaddafi supporters inside the city (Bani Walid), then they think Libyans will support their campaign of VIOLENCE“, which, of course, ISN’T true.

This reinforces the fact that just because a horrible dictator (Muamar Gadhafi) has been ousted, that DOESN’T mean that that country is stable. THERE ARE STILL MANY “Gadhafi loyalists” and “armed gangs wreaking havoc and there is still “deadly fighting” going on.


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