The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Lance Armstrong’s Tour titles STRIPPED, says UCI (International Cycling Union) (Web-site/URL:–spt.html).

“Lance Armstrong was STRIPPED of his SEVEN Tour de France titles and BANNED FOR LIFE on Monday (October 22, 2012) after the International Cycling Union (UCI) ratified the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s (USADA) sanctions against the American”.

“The LONG-AWAITED decision has left cycling facing its GREATEST crisis” according to UCI president Pat McQuaid and has DESTROYED Armstrong’s LAST hope of clearing his name”. WOW. That’s BAD.

“McQuaid told a news conference as he outlined how cycling, long battered by doping problems for decades, would have to start all over again”. “Lance Armstrong HAS NO PLACE in cycling. Lance Armstrong DESERVES TO BE FORGOTTEN in cycling“, a damning criticism. “The UCI wishes to begin that journey on that path forward today by confirming that it WILL NOT appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and that it will recognize the sanction that USADA has imposedI was SICKENED by what I read in the USADA report“. Well, there have been reports that Armstrong has used PEDs FOR A LONG TIME and USADA is only doing something about this NOW?

“On Oct. 10 (2012), USADA published a report about Armstrong, which alleged the now-retired rider had been involved in the “MOST SOPHISTICATED, PROFESSIONALIZED and SUCCESSFUL doping program that sport has ever seen“. “successful” is clearly the critical word hereSo Armstrong was A SLICK OPERATOR.

McQuaid went on: “It wasn’t until the intervention of federal agents (that) they called these riders in and they put down a gun and badge on the table in front of them and saidYOU’RE NOW FACING A GRAND JURY and you must tell the truththat those riders broke down“.

“McQuaid, who faced criticism from several quarters for his and the UCI’s handling of the affair, said (that) he WOULD NOT be resigning“. “in front of a packed room full of journalists and television cameras”, McQuaid said: “Cycling HAS A FUTURE. This IS NOT the first time (that) cycling has reached a crossroads or that it has had to begin anew, implying, of course, that THERE HAVE BEEN OTHER MORE SIGNIFICANT & WIDESPREAD doping scandalsmaking this the latest example of “blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL: Also, “would not be resigning” is the latest example/case of “Defensive” behavior (Web-site/URL: “I am sorry we COULDN’T catch EVERY damn one of them red handed and THROW them out of the sport“. Unfortunately criminals (that’s what Lance Armstrong is now) ALWAYS find a way to CHEAT/BEAT THE SYSTEM.

“In statements issued at the news conference, the UCI continued the feud with USADA DESPITE RATIFYING its decision”. “Even apart from any discussion on jurisdiction, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER that the evidence collected by USADA had been assessed by a NEUTRAL (?) body or person who WAS NOT involved in collecting the evidence and prosecuting the defendant“. NO ONE is COMPLETELY “neutral” these days. “THIS WOULD HAVE AVOIDED both the criticism of a witch hunt against Mr Armstrong and the criticism that the UCI had a conflict of interest“. Well people who are guilty will always claim that there has been “a witch hunt” against them.

“The UCI also said it had dope tested Armstrong 218 times and the fact he NEVER tested positive and “beat the system” means that other organizations such as the WORLD Anti-Doping Agency SHOULD SHARE the responsibility of accepting the results”. This is yet another example of “blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL:

“USADA chief Travis Tygart issued a statement approving of the UCI’s action, but WARNING THAT MORE NEEDED TO BE DONE“. Will this happen? Despite its prior opposition to USADA’s investigation into doping on the U.S. Postal Service cycling team and within the sport, USADA is glad that the UCI FINALLY reversed course in this case and has made the CREDIBLE (?) decision available to it“. “credible?” Again, this is open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL: “This determination to UPHOLD USADA’s decision on the U.S. Postal Services case DOES NOT by itself clean up cycling nor does it ensure the sport has moved past the obstacles that allowed doping to flourish in the age of EPO and blood transfusions. For cycling to TRULY move forward and for the world to know what went on in cycling, it is essential that an INDEPENDENT AND MEANINGFUL (?) Truth and Reconciliation Commission be established so that the sport can fully unshackle itself from the past”WHAT IS “independent and meaningful?” Again this is open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL: Also many people HAVE TROUBLE/DIFFICULTY MOVING BEYOND/GETTING PAST “the past”.

“In recent years, the Tour de France and cycling had LOOKED (i.e. APPEARED) to be WINNING the battle against dopers, but when asked if the sport would one day be free of the scourge, McQuaid answered: NOThat’s BAD.

Finally, “The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said it would TAKE ITS TIME to digest the news amid suggestions that Armstrong could be stripped of his 2000 Sydney Olympics time trial bronze”HOW MUCH “time” will the IOC “take?” According to an IOC official, “WE WILL STUDY UCI’s response to the USADA report and AWAIT TO RECIEVE their full decision including further POTENTIAL sanctions against Lance Armstrong as well as regarding any ramifications to his case“. “We will study…and await to receive…” NO TELLING HOW LONG THAT PROCESS WILL TAKE.

This is the latest STUNNING fall from grace for a revered sports figurewhom we thought could do no wrongfollowing some other well-known drug cheats, who weren’t perceived as ‘squeaky clean’including: ALEX RODRIGUEZ, JASON GIAMBI, BARRY BONDSJOSE CANSECO MARION JONES (using PEDs), TIGER WOODS (adultery on a MASSIVE scale) and MICHAEL PHELPS (smoking a marijuana pipe).


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