ANTI-SYRIA LEBANESE Intelligence Chief WISAN AL-HASSAN Assassinated: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Lebanon funeral ends in violence” (Web-site/URL:

“Gunmen armed with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) have exchanged fire in southern districts of Lebanon’s capital Beirut, security sources said and residents could also hear the sound of ambulance sirens”.

“There were no immediate reports of casualties from the clashes on Sunday night (October 21, 2012), which occurred after ANGRY mourners tried to storm government offices in the centre of Beirut at the end of the funeral of an intelligence official assassinated on Friday (October 19, 2012)”Of course as we know“anger” is a VERY DANGEROUS and potentially even an EXPLOSIVE emotion because when people are “angry”they are more likely to act IRRATIONALLY.

Violence ERUPTED after protesters tried to storm the offices of Najib Mikati, the prime minister, following the funeral of  Wissam al-Hassan, whose death they blame on Syria” of courseSyria and Lebanon are practically right next to each otherLet’s also note that al-Hassan was Lebanon’s INTELLIGENCE chiefa post that could only exist in UNdemocratic countries.

Al Jazeera‘s Gregg Carlstrom, reporting from the scene of the violence, said about 50 opposition supporters tried for up to half an hour to approach the Serail, throwing STICKS, ROCKS and RODS until they were dispersed by Internal Security Force (ISF) personnel”. More violence.

According to Ahmad Balaa, “a young activist of the opposition March 14 alliance”, “The whole country WILL BE SHUT DOWN UNTIL Mikati resigns. We are going to BLOCK ROADS, (and) we are going to PROTEST“. Notice “shut down”“block roads” and “protest”Again, this sounds like something that GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) would say.

“Saad al-Hariri, leader of the March 14 opposition alliance, urged supporters to REFRAIN FROM any more violence“, as if that’s going to happen. “speaking on Future Television“, Hariri told supporters: “We want PEACE, the government SHOULD fall, but we want that in a PEACEFUL way. I call on all those who are in the streets to PULL BACKWell these protests are already NOT “peaceful” and people also AREN’T “(pulling) back”.

Finally, “Speaking at the funeral, President Michel Suleiman said the government and people must work “shoulder to shoulder” to overcome the challenges posed by the killing”. “work “shoulder to shoulder?” When was the last time that happened?  I tell the judiciary do not hesitate, the people are with you, and I tell the security (forces) BE FIRM, the people are with you“. “be firm” is problematic because the “force and pain technique” is implied (Web-site/URL:, “And I tell the politicians and the government DO NOT provide cover to the perpetrator”This is ironic because Suleiman IS a “politician” and PART OF “the government”.

Once again, the violence from Syria has spilled over into a neighboring country (Lebanon). The question now is: WILL THIS CHAOS SPREAD INTO TURKEY OR PERHAPS EVEN THROUGHOUT THE REGION (Middle East)? That’s definitely something that we need to monitor/keep an eye on/watch.


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