With ROMNEY Gaining Momentum in White House Race, GOP Turn Their Attention to CONGRESS: Fox

The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Battle for control of Congress hinges on handful of key races, GOP faces (an) UPHILL (?) CLIMB” (Web-site/URL: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/20/battle-for-control-congress-hinges-on-handful-key-races/). REALLY?

According to Nathan Gonzales, deputy editor of the NON-PARTISAN (?) Rothenberg Political Report”, “The map has shifted in ways I don’t think anyone EXPECTED“. Many races are TIGHTER THAN “expected”. These races are: GEORGE ALLEN vs. TIM KAINE to replace the retiring JOHN WARNER in VIRGINIATOMMY THOMPSON vs. Rep. TAMMY BALDWIN to replace the retiring HERB KOHL in WISCONSIN, Rep.  CHRIS MURPHY vs. LINDA MCMAHON, the former CEO of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to replace the retiring JOE LIEBERMAN in CONNECTICUT (McMahon also ran unsuccessfully against RICHARD BLUMENTHAL to replace CHRIS DODD in 2010)  and HEIDI HEITEKAMP vs. Rep. RICK BERG to replace the retiring KENT CONRAD in NORTH DAKOTAALLEN vs. KAINE and THOMPSON vs. BALDWIN are being classified as “toss-ups” while HEITEKAMP vs. BERG is being classified as “competitive”. These races feature FOUR people in THE HOUSE running for the Senate (CHRIS MURPHY, TAMMY BALDWIN,RICK BERG & TODD AKIN) as well as the former Secretary for Health & Human Services under GEORGE W. BUSH (a name we haven’t mentioned for quite some time now) who was Wisconsin’s Governor between 1987 & 2001 (TOMMY THOMPSON)There’s also a race that ISN’T close: Sen. CLAIRE MCCASKILL vs. Rep. TODD AKIN after Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment. RAPE is NEVER “legitimate”. This is exactly like the most traditional CHINESE men trying to dominate women. Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment adds on to this false premise that women are SUPPOSED TO BE vulnerable and therefore CAN be taken advantage of/manipulated,which,  is DISGRACEFUL.

According to Matt Canter, “spokesman for (the) Senate Democrats’ campaign arm”, “Half of the Republican-held seats (up for election) are labeled ‘toss ups‘. IT’S AN INCREDIBLE ACCOMPLISHMENT“. ONLY IF Democrats can win ALL or A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER of these, which, again, IS FAR FROM A GUARANTEE.

Gonzales went on: “Republicans would need to win eight of the nine MOST competitive races on our list in order to take (over) the majority. So that’s POSSIBLE — it’s just NOT AS LIKELY“.

Finally, “Brian Walsh, spokesman for the Senate Republican campaign arm, acknowledged a competitive landscape, BUT said (that) the GOP IS CONFIDENT about its chances“. “There’s less than three weeks to go and there’s roughly a dozen Senate races that are WITHIN the margin of error so clearly, it’s a VERY COMPETITIVE battle, but Republicans ARE WELL-POSITIONED (?) to PICK UP seats on November 6 (2012)”This is THE GOP INTERPRETATION and of course, another/the latest example of a POLITICIAN‘s ARROGANCE

Sodo the GOP “face an UPHILL battle?” Again,


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