The title of a recently released ABC News article is “Malala Yousefzai Can Stand and Write, Doctor Reports” (Web-site/URL:

“The Pakistani girl shot in the head by the Taliban for WANTING AN EDUCATION (?) stood up today (October 19, 2012) in a REMARKABLE comeback from her near fatal wound”. “wanting an education” is A CRIME

“Malala Yousufzai also posed for photos in her hospital bed showing her awake and snuggling with a white teddy bear“. So, her SPIRITS are goodTHAT’S CRITICALPEOPLE WHO GIVE UP ON THEMSELVES CAN’T BE HELPED.

According to Dr. David Rosser, “the medical director of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England”, “She is doing VERY WELL“, given the EXTREMELY GRIM circumstances. “In fact, she is STANDING with some help for the first time this morning (October 19, 2012) when I went into see her“. “standing”, of course, is a HUGE stride for someone who has been SHOT IN THE HEAD.

“Malala IS STILL SHOWING SIGNS OF INFECTION  which is related to the bullet track which is OUR KEY source of concern… It’s clear she’s NOT out of the woods” yet…OBVIOUSLY. “Her skull will need reconstructing, reinserting the piece of bone that was removed initially or with a titanium plate. Her jaw joint may need further work down the line, but THAT REMAINS TO BE ASSESSED“.

We also know that Yousufzai was “DIRECTLY targeted by the Taliban last week who STORMED HER BUS and SHOT HER IN THE HEAD as she came home from SCHOOL“, which is clearly HORRIFYINGThis story reinforces the fact that MEN AND WOMEN ARE EQUAL NOWWith an increasing number of women fighting for their right TO study work and share responsibilitieswhy are CHINESE women still fighting to stay at home and get pregnant? THIS IS REALITY IN CHINAwith many SUPER-traditional parents telling their sons that they have to pick women who are SHORTER and AREN’T as smart/DON’T work as hard as menWell, it doesn’t take much to figure out women who DON’T work hard and how much of a DISASTER that would be. Assuming that the distribution of women:men is 50-50if 50% of society did nothingSOCIETY WOULD COLLAPSE/BE/BECOME COMPLETELY DYSFUNCTIONAL.


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