MORE Trouble in GREECE: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “CLASHES ERUPT at Greek ANTI-AUSTERITY protests” (Web-site/URL: “clashes” are clearly VIOLENTSound familiar?

According to Konstantinos Balomenos, “a 58-year-old worker at a water utility whose wage has been HALVED to 900 euros and who has TWO unemployed sons”, “Enough is enough. They’ve DUG OUR GRAVES , shoved us in and we are waiting for the priest to read the last words”.

According to Yannis Panagopoulos, “head of the GSEE private sector union, one of two major unions that represent about 2 million people, or HALF of Greece’s workforce”, “Agreeing to CATASTROPHIC measures means DRIVING SOCIETY TO DESPAIR and the consequences as well as the protests will then be indefinite”Well, we’ve seen/read/heard this from people like GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) many times/on many occasions now. Let’s note that most people DON’T enjoy daily “protests”, but unfortunately, they HAVE TO because many of these protesters are HUNGRY and hunger, as we know, causes people to behave IRRATIONALLY.

According to Dimitris Mavronassos, a 40-year-old shipyard worker who has not been paid for six months”, “THIS CAN’T GO ON. WE SURE NEED MEASURESbut (certainly) NOT as tough as the ones (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel is asking for“. WOW. SIX MONTHS is a long time to go without money.

in a statement, the ADEDY public sector union said: “The newPAINFUL package SHOULD NOT be passed“. That’s ADAMANT. The cuts that we’ve seen and are continuing to see in Greece ARE INDEED EXTREMELY “painful”. “The new DEMANDS will only FINISH OFF what’s left of our LABOR, PENSION and SOCIAL RIGHTS“, “rights” which should be FUNDAMENTAL.

EMBOLDENED by the strikes, the main opposition Syriza party TURNED UP THE HEAT on the government”. According to the party’s 38-year old leader Alexis Tsipras, “who took part in the march”, “THEIR (i.e. the government’s) TIME IS RUNNING OUT (and) PEOPLE ARE TAKING MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS“. Again, this (workers “taking matters into their own hands”) is DANGEROUS.

So, Greece is on the brink of TOTAL COLLAPSE and ANARCHYAGAIN and people’s FRUSTRATION has reached boiling point…AGAIN.


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