EGYPT: “CAMEL Battle” Defendants ACQUITTED: Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on October 11, 2012 is “Egypt ACQUITSCamel Battle‘ defendants (Web-site/URL: UNBELIEVABLE.

According to Al Jazeera‘s Sherine Tadros, reporting from Cairo, “Some (?) people will be ANGRY and UPSET as THERE SEEMS TO BE NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the hundreds who were killed during the revolution” that toppled the dictator HOSNI MUBARAK on February 11 2011 (Web-site/URL:

“Judge Mustafa Abdullah said the defendants were acquitted because the testimony of the witnesses was weak and “DRIVEN BY GRUDGES between witnesses and the defendants due to PARTISAN DIFFERENCES“. And MUSTAFA ABDULLAH IS NOT biased? This is A FREAK SHOW.

“Ahmed Ragheb, a human rights lawyer who is participating in the fact-finding mission, said Wednesday’s (October 10, 2012) verdict WAS NOT a surprise, considering numerous flaws in the procedures leading up to the trial and REPORTED PRESSURES on witnesses and investigating judges from EX-REGIME officials”“The acquittal DOESN’T mean this didn’t happen or that so and so did not commit the crime. It means THE EVIDENCE IS NOT ENOUGH“. Again SURELY THERE WERE “…pressures” because Egypt is still an UNDEMOCRATIC society. “This is the case in most of the other trials concerning the killing of protesters, because the police, who are ACCUSED IN THE KILLINGS, are THE ONES COLLECTING EVIDENCEagain a consequence of THE ABSENCE OF ACCOUNTABILITY in UNDEMOCRATIC societies where government officials can basically DO ANYTHING THEY WANT AND DEMAND IMMUNITY TO AVOID PUNISHMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY. “Ragheb said the fact-finding mission has collected new evidence, but that ANYTHING SHORT OF AN OVERHAUL of the judicial system WOULD NOT mete out justice for the protesters“. “The current judicial system IS NOT QUALIFIED to try the state (because) IT IS PART OF IT“. This is like the courts in WEIMAR GERMANY trying to convict people who participated in THE MUNICH PUTSCH or the COMMUNIST CHINESE courts in BEIJING or HONG KONG trying to convict DONALD TSANG for corruption or JIANG ZEMIN for his heavy-handed tacticsThe people trying to end the trouble in these two cases were PART OF the trouble/problem THEMSELVES.

“Chief among the defendants in the Camel Battle trial was Safwat el-Sherif, one of Mubarak’s most trusted aids and secretary-general of Mubarak’s National DEMOCRATIC (?)  Party, and Fathi Sorour, who served for decades as speaker of parliament”. MUBARAK had a “National DEMOCRATIC (?) Party?”

Finally, “Last year (2011), a GOVERNMENT-appointed commission investigating the February 2 (2011) events released findings, based on testimony from 87 witnesses.

“The commission said el-Sherif MASTERMINDED the attack, making phone calls to ruling party lawmakers and their supporters and telling them to “CURB anti-Mubarak protests in Tahrir Square WITH VIOLENCE“. As we know “curb…with violence” is DEEPLY TROUBLING/PROBLEMATIC.

“The eyewitnesses said that there was a specific assignment to CLEAR THE SQUARE BY ANY MEANS“, the report said”. Of course, this includes VIOLENCE.

“Sorour PAID thugs anywhere from 50 to 500 Egyptian pounds ($9 to $90) and provided them with MEALS and DRUGS to attack the crowd, the commission said”. So that mob was ON DRUGS?!

“Witnesses told the investigators they saw ruling party members among the assailants, INCITING THEM AGAINST THE PROTESTERS and even SOME ON CAMELS AND HORSES, the report said”.

“Snipers also took positions on rooftops of residential buildings overlooking the square and they opened fire at

Of course, the “Camel Battle” was where ABC‘s CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR found herself and it was nasty (Web-site/URL   It’s clear that people are still LIVID over Mubarak’s thugs running them out of Tahrir SquareThis is exactly why outspoken activists like GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) are saying things like

Yet Egyptian judicial system is unable to find anyone guilty of a televised crime! #CamelsBattle #Feb2 #fuckinFail


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