JERRY SANDUSKY Sentenced to LIFE IMPRISONMENT (Given His Age): Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Jerry Sandusky sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison on 45 counts of CHILD MOLESTATION” (Web-site/URL:–jerry-sandusky-sentenced-to-30-to-60-years-in-prison-on-45-counts-of-child-molestation.html). “child molestation”, of course, is a SERIOUS crime because it robs children of their INNOCENCE.

 “Jerry Sandusky will spend THE REST OF HIS LIFE BEHIND BARS“.

“The 68-year-old former Penn State defensive coordinator was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison on Tuesday (October 9, 2012) . Judge John Cleland delivered the sentence here (Bellefonte, Pa) in a packed courtroom of the Centre County Courthouse. Sandusky was found guilty in June (2012) of 45 counts of sexually molesting 10 boys over a 15-year period”. Again, HOW DID THIS GO ON FOR SO LONG?

“The MAXIMUM sentence was 442 years. Sandusky has currently served 112 days”.

“Cleland told Sandusky: You will serve NOT LESS THAN 30 and NO MORE THAN 60 years in prisonThat has the unmitigated (not softened or lessened) impact of saying  THE REST OF YOUR LIFE in prison‘”.

“The state prison system of Pennsylvania generally FORCES inmates to remain behind bars LONG BEYOND the minimum sentence, Sandusky’s attorney Joe Amendola said”. “REALISTICALLY, EVEN IF Jerry was to survive the 30 years, he WON’T  be released“. By saying “forces”of course, Amendola is implying that the “force and pain technique” has been used here, the latest example of A CELEBRITY COMPLAINING and DEFENSIVE behavior  (Web-site/URL:

“Deputy attorney general Joseph McGettigan TOOK NO ISSUE with the sentence”. “The defendant will remain incarcerated FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

“Sandusky spoke for about 15 minutes in court and remained as DEFIANT about his conviction as he did (on) Monday (October 8, 2012) when he released an audio statement that LASHED OUT AT the victims and their families. He again promised to appeal his conviction”. “They (i.e. the legal system & the press) can make me out to be a MONSTER. They can treat me as a MONSTER“. WellTHIS IS WHAT SANDUSKY IS (“a monster”) after molesting and sexually assaulting 10 BOYS over a 15-year period. These are KIDS.  On top of all this“defiant” and “lashed out” reinforce Sandusky’s TOTAL LACK OF REMORSE/REGRET. “But they can’t take away my HEART (?) In my HEART (?), I know I did not do these ALLEGED and DISGUSTING acts“. “disgusting” is a FREAK SHOWSandusky still INSISTS that his crimes are “alleged” when there is OVERWHELMING evidence to the contrary.

“Victim No. 4 told Sandusky” I DON’T forgive you and I DON’T KNOW IF I will forgive you“. WE CERTAINLY CAN’T BLAME HIM. “I grew up in a BAD situation and YOU MADE IT WORSE. While I stand here and WON’T forgive you, I ask the others after me to forgive me for NOT coming forward sooner.

“Victim No. 4 testified at trial about staying with Sandusky, DESPITE REPEATED SEXUAL ABUSE“, “I thought, ‘ I didn’t want to lose THIS (?)” “lose” WHAT? “This is something GOOD (?) happening to me“. REPEATED sexual abuse” is “good?” Also why did “Victim No. 4…(stay) with Sandusky DESPITE repeated sexual abuse?”

“Judge Cleland also said the length of the sentence, GIVEN Sandusky’s AGE , will keep him behind bars UNTIL HIS DEATH. “I’m not going to talk to a 68-year-old man about dozens and dozens of decades in prisonIT’S NOT WORTH ITIT HAS NO PRACTICAL VALUE” obviously.  Sandusky is 68 which means that 30 years laterhe would be 98 and 60 years laterhe would be 128 and as we knowEXPECTING mortal human being to live that long (128) or even 98 in most casesis clearly/obviously UNREALISTIC.

“Sandusky released an audio statement via a Penn State radio station Monday (October 8, 2012) that promised a continued legal battle as he BLASTED what HE BELIEVED were OPPORTUNISTIC and LYING ACCUSERS and a CONSPIRACY between OVERZEALOUS police and the media to RAILROAD him“. “WE WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHTWe didn’t lose THE PROVEN FACTS (?), evidenceACCURATE (?) locations and times. ANYTHING CAN BE SAID (which means that) We lost to SPECULATION and stories THAT WERE INFLUENCED BY PEOPLE WHO WANTED TO CONVICT ME“. So Jerry Sandusky assaulting & molesting children is EVERYONE ELSE‘s fault and this is A HUGE CONSPIRACYWOWIf we didn’t know any better, we could even say that BASHAR AL-ASSAD or MUAMMAR GADHAFI was writing this because this is exactly what they would say. 

Finally, “Judge Cleland told the court”, “The TRAGEDY of this crime is (that) it is a story of BETRAYAL“. In shortSandusky was someone that people in the Penn State community and kids LOOKED UP TO.

This ends a LONG and NASTY court battle against a child predatorHowevermany of Sandusky’s victims will surely have to deal with this sexual trauma FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVESThat’s why many of them still refuse to be identified by their real names, instead choosing to be identified as simply “Victim #4”etc. Let’s also remind ourselves that this SHATTERED Penn State’s football legacy and cost the jobs of former Penn State University President GRAHAM SPANIER, athletic director TIM CURLEY, Vice President for BUSINESS & FINANCE GARY SCHULTZ and the BIGGEST firing of all, FORMER head coach JOE PATERNO. So, again, this cover-up goes back to the fundamental issue of MONEY. For now though, we can only say that our thoughts are with the victims of this huge scandal and with this verdict, WE SINCERELY HOPE THAT THEY CAN PUT THIS DIFFICULT AND PAINFUL CHAPTER IN THEIR LIVES BEHIND THEM.


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