ROMNEY Delivers STRONG Debate Performance: EUROPE ON EDGE (Yahoo!)

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Romney’s STRONG debate showing puts Europe ON EDGE” (Web-site/URL:

“In Europe, where leaders and finance officials have worked closely with the Obama administration over the past 2-1/2 years trying to resolve the euro area debt crisis, there was particular consternation (alarm) at Romney’s singling out of deficit-ridden Spain as a POORLY ADMINISTERED economy“. It’s NOT as if ROMNEY can do any better.

“after a meeting of his center-right party, Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo told reporters” “Romney is making analogies THAT AREN’T BASED ON REALITY“. Well, many POLITICIANS have trouble dealing with “reality”.

“Leading Spanish daily El Pais highlighted the fact that Spain was THE ONLY European country mentioned and contrasted Romney’s NEGATIVE depiction of it with Obama’s PRAISE for Spain’s renewable energy policies during the 2008 campaign”. Well, Romney pretty much HAS TO go “negative” in a campaign where he is clearly THE UNDERDOG. “El Pais LAMENTED: “Spain has NEVER been mentioned in a presidential debate as a symbol of FAILURE“. EVERYONE likes/enjoys being “praised”NO ONE likes being associated with “failure” and it seems like EVERYONE is “lamenting” or COMPLAINING ABOUT something these days. “What happened last night (October 3, 2012) MAKES HISTORY. And NOT n a good way“. More COMPLAINTS/NEGATIVE rhetoric.

According to LIBERAL German news magazine Der Spiegel, “Obama showed a LACK OF DESIRE (?) to be president, which could PUT HIM ON SHAKY GROUND as a presidential candidate“. “lack of desire” and OBAMA DON’T seem to go together/is a SURPRISING combination. “It’s now clear that to get back into the White House, the U.S. president needs RUNNING shoes, NOT FLIP-FLOPS“. So now, OBAMA is on the DEFENSIVE?

“France’s Le Monde (newspaper) appeared equally SURPRISED by OBAMA‘s SUB-PAR performance”. “Obama” and “sub-par” usually DON’T go together.  “Where did the favorite go?” it asked on its front page, with a headline below saying: “Obama FAILS his first televised debate against an incisive (REMARKABLY clear and direct) Romney”. There’s another UNFAMILIAR combination: ObamaSUB-PAR and FAILS.

“the chief of staff of one European leader told Reuters” “It was like all of the G8 apart from RUSSIA and JAPAN were expected to be part of the OBAMA re-election campaign”. This is interesting because of course we know why Russia and Japan aren’t involved here. Russia is too involved with CHINA (in opposing EVERY SINGLE UN resolution condemning the violence in SYRIA) while JAPAN, as we know, is too busy fighting with CHINA over the DIAOYU/SENKAKU islands, one of FOUR IMPOSSIBLE conflicts to resolvethe other three being the ongoing SYRIAN civil warthe ongoing conflict between the ISRAELIS & the PALESTINIANS and the dispute between CHINA & THE PHILIPPINES over the SCARBOROUGH SHOALSIsn’t it ironic that China is involved in so many TERRITORIAL disputes?

“Europe’s leaders have good reason to go along; they want to keep a politically risky crisis under wraps, too and they want to EXPAND the close working relationship (that) they have developed with Obama’s administration over the past four years”. One of Romney’s advisers, JASON GARDINERwas DECIDEDLY DOWNBEATOf course, Europeans prefer OBAMASurelyNO ONE wants to be around a CHRONIC COMPLAINER if they could help it/had any influence/choice.

According to Jan Techau, “the director of Carnegie Europe”, “The Europeans have A GENERAL UNEASINESS about a Romney presidency“. WHO CAN BLAME THEMIT’S NOT because they don’t like him (REALLY?), but there are a lot of NEOCONSERVATIVE (i.e. SUPER conservative) policy advisers who would come back into office under a Romney presidency and that is a prospect that A LOT of European leaders ARE NOT comfortable withThere’s a general tendency to STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW AND WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WORKING WITH“, which for the past 4 years at least, has been OBAMAFEAR OF THE UNKNOWN is a CLASSIC problem/dilemma.

“One of Romney’s advisers on a “Europe working group” is Nile Gardiner, a Briton who was an aide to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and now works for the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington”.

“In an opinion piece in the Washington Times last month (September, 2012), Gardiner was DECIDEDLY DOWNBEAT on Europe, saying the continent was in TERMINAL DECLINE and European integration was MISGUIDED“. “The European Project is FALLING APART, DROWNING IN A SEA OF DEBT and DRIVEN BY BUREAUCRATS in Brussels who lack any semblance of DEMOCRATIC ACCOUNTABILITY“, an essential component of society (remember CHINA and NORTH KOREA). WOWThat’s negativeHow is it possible to support someone who is THAT negative? IT ISN’T.

“In Europe, leaders are watching closely and will be ready to SUPPRESS their Romney reservations IF NEED BE“. There’s the latest “if”, signifying yet more UNCERTAINTY (as if we need any more of that).

Finally, according to “one diplomat in Brussels”, speaking on condition of anonymity/who was not identified, “EVEN THOUGH we have a natural predilection for (prefer) DEMOCRATIC presidents, we’ll EMBRACE the next U.S. president, WHOEVER HE IS“. REALLY? This is the latest FREAK SHOW. “We just have to DEAL WITH IT“, IF ROMNEY becomes President that isbut WE JUST DON’T KNOW YET, because there’s still MORE THAN ONE MONTH left before November 6, 2012 (Web-site/URL:,_2012). 

THIS IS A NO-BRAINER because Romney is FIERCELY supportive of ISRAELLet’s reiterate the fact that EVEN THOUGH we love someone/a countryit DOES NOT mean that they have NEVER made a mistake and yes, we can refer again to DONALD TSANG‘s fierce defense/support of CHINA here.


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