The DIAOYU/SENKAKU Islands MESS (September 28, 2012): Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article  is “China accuses Japan of STEALING islands” (Web-site/URL:

“China has taken a BITTER territorial dispute with Japan to the UN General Assembly, with Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi accusing Tokyo of STEALING DISPUTED islands”, as if people AREN’T “bitter” enough already.

“The Japanese government’s purchase of the East China Sea islands from a PRIVATE owner has INFURIATED the Beijing government and SPARKED VIOLENT PROTESTS in several Chinese cities”. This is the latest example of the CHINESE government being “infuriated” because the Chinese simply HAVE TO run the show

“Yang told the UN (General) assembly on Thursday (September 27, 2012)” “China STRONGLY URGES Japan to immediately stop ALL activities that violate China’s territorial sovereignty, take concrete actions to correct its mistakes and return to the track of resolving the dispute through NEGOTIATION (?)” “strongly urges” requires the use of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: Also, “negotiation?” China certainly ISN’T doing much “negotiating”, IF ANY. “The moves taken by Japan are TOTALLY ILLEGAL AND INVALID. They can in no way change the HISTORICAL FACT (?) that Japan STOLE (?) Diaoyu and its affiliated islands from China and the FACT (?) that China has territorial sovereignty over them“. “historical fact?” People in China are talking as if they know that China has owned this group of islands for thousands of years and they can’t say that because NOBODY HAS BEEN and NOBODY WILL BE AROUND FOR 1000 YEARSThis is the latest Chinese ASSERTION and BELIEF (Web-site/URL:

“On Wednesday (September 26, 2012), Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda insisted that THERE COULD BE NO COMPROMISE with China on the ownership of a disputed island chain and DENOUNCED attacks on Japanese interests” in China. “So far as the Senkaku islands are concerned, they are an integral part of our territory IN THE LIGHT OF HISTORY (?) and of INTERNATIONAL law“, for which there are surely a million INTERPRETATIONS with China having ITS OWN INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: “IT IS VERY CLEAR (that) THERE ARE NO TERRITORIAL ISSUES as such“. This is the JAPANESE ASSERTION AND INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: Also, “in the light of history” is the Japanese version of the Chinese argument “historical fact”. “Therefore, THERE CANNOT BE ANY compromise that could mean ANY setback from this basic position. I have to make that very clear“. This is yet another ASSERTION. “The resolution of this issue SHOULD NOT be by FORCE, but CALMLY, through REASON and with respect for INTERNATIONAL law“. There are TWO things to note hereFirst, negotiations (if we can call them that), have been TENSE INSTEAD OF “calm”. Secondly,   the “force and pain technique” has been (and WILL CONTINUE TO BE) used (Web-site/URL: On top of all thiswhen was the last time CHINA followed ” INTERNATIONAL law?” NEVER especially on ECONOMIC GROWTHChina’s most recent GDP growth figure was only 7.6% (Web-site/URL: So it’s most likely time for the Communist Chinese government to start jacking up numbers/manipulating figures again.

“The dispute ERUPTED into an ANGRY WAR OF WORDS between Beijing and Tokyo after the Japanese government took the previously PRIVATELY-held islands into public ownership, but Noda insisted this move had been misinterpreted“. “Part of the Senkaku islands that was held by a private citizen was transferred to governmental possession in order to ensure the STABLE management of it“. There are THREE things to note here. First, “disputes” OFTEN “erupt” and “eruptions” are often “angry” and may turn VIOLENT especially when we’re talking about people’s emotions BOILING OVERSecondlyMANY/A LOT of things are “misinterpreted” these days (Web-site/URL: On top of all this, “management of” the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands (WHATEVER these islands are called)has been ANYTHING BUT “stable”. “It is NOT a new acquisition. It was held under the PRIVATE ownership of a JAPANESE citizen and was a transfer of ownership within Japanese law“, which, as we knowis different from Chinese laws. “But it seems that China HAS YET TO UNDERSTAND THAT and because of that LACK OF UNDERSTANDING, there has been an ATTACK or ACTS OF VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION against Japanese citizens and property there“. There have been PLENTY OF “attacks” and there has been PLENTY OF “violence and destruction against Japanese citizens and property” in Chinese cities.

Finally, “Victor Gao from the National Association of International Studies in   told Al Jazeera that no one on the Chinese side wanted to see an escalation in tensions”. REALLYTHE FREAK SHOW CONTINUES.

“But Gao BLAMED what he called “adventurous steps” taken by Japan, including the nationalization of the islands”. As we know people fearing that “We will blame BLAME or CRITICIZE them” is a HUGE problem (Web-site/URL:

IF Prime Minister [Noda] thinks that the Japanese actions WILL NOT have consequences, (then) HE IS COMPLETELY WRONG”. This last comment/remark is EXTREMELY provocative.

This is the latest chapter in this SICK FEUD THAT DOESN’T SEEM TO GOING ANYWHEREThis conflict is approaching the scale of the SYRIAN civil war and the UN Security Council can do nothing because NEITHER SIDE IS WILLING TO BUDGE/GIVE AN INCH/BACK DOWN/NEGOTIATE


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