MORE JOBS After Thanksgiving? CBS

The title of a CBS News article released on September 25, 2012 is “HOLIDAY hiring to increase, boosting job numbers, THIS YEAR (2012)” (Web-site/URL:;cbsCarousel).

“Toys “R” Us said Tuesday (September 25, 2012) it will take on 45,000 seasonal workers this holiday — 5,000 MORE than last year”. GOOD.

“Kohl’s, the department store chain, is adding more than 52,000 holiday workers, about 10 percent MORE than last year”. GOOD

“Target’s seasonal workforce will be 80,000 to 90,000, DOWN slightly from a year ago”. NOT GOOD/NEGATIVE.

“But Walmart is adding 50,000 jobs, slightly MORE than last year, and Gamestop will add 17,000″GOOD but only “slightly”.

According to Mike Buskey, “senior vice president for hiring at Gamestop”, “adding that the world’s largest videogame retailer is BULLISH on the holiday“, “IT’S ABOUT THE SAME as last year. Our fall season, we’re really expecting A NICE SURGE in business“. These two statements CONTRADICT EACH OTHERWhat is the case? “It’s about the same as last year” OR “…we’re really expecting a nice surge in business?” These two events are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE/CANNOT OCCUR AT THE SAME TIME/CONTRADICT EACH OTHER. “I think IF YOU HAVE A SIGNIFICANT (?) OFFERING, consumers are ready to SPEND MONEY” unless this person is an OLD-FASHIONED CHINESE PERSON from the ’50s or earlier. Also what is “significant?” Again this is open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL:  “I think the iPhone 5 release is a classic example“.

“Apple has already sold more than 5 million iPhone 5s”.

Buskey said: “That DOESN’T sound like an economy in recessionfor ONE COMPANY.

Across the country, the recovery has been uneven. Nationally, the unemployment rate has DROPPED to 8.1 percent, but in four states — North Carolina (9.6%), New Jersey (9.8%), California (10.7%) and Rhode Island (10.8%)  — the jobless rate is still near 10 percent or above. In Nevada, it’s more than 12 percent”.

“That’s why economist Scott Hoyt with Moody’s Analytics is forecasting SLOW growth this holiday” season…obviously. “It’s going to be a modestly DISAPPOINTING season. Retailers are going to see a growth in sales, but NOT the kind growth they’d like, or even the kind of growth they saw in the last two years”Again, the economic recovery is still WEAK.


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