Amusement Park Riders STUCK (BUENA PARK, CA): Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Amusement park riders SPEND HOURS (suspended) at 300 feet” (Web-site/URL:

“Twenty riders EXPECTING A SHORT THRILL WERE (instead) LEFT DANGLING at 300 feet for nearly four hours when theWindseeker ride at Southern California’s Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park stalled”. This “short thrill” turned into UNCERTAINTY/HORROR/A NIGHTMARE“left dangling at 300 feet” certainly ISN’T fun/entertaining.

“Knott’s said in a statement that the ride, which lifts FUN (?)-seekers high over the park with their legs dangling and spins them in a circle, came to a stop when its security system activated at about 4 p.m. Wednesday (September 19, 2012)”. Spending “hours (suspended) at 300 feet” certainly IS NOT “fun”.

According to Jimmy Garrison, “a tourist from Baltimore who was stuck on the ride as he left the park hours later with a souvenir T-shirt that read I SURVIVED WINDSEEKER“, “They didn’t tell me that in the brochure“. THAT THE RIDE WOULD GET STUCK? “Garrison told KTTV-TV“, “They were on the PA system and they were telling usBE PATIENT with us and that sort of thing“. How can people possibly “be patient” when they’re STUCK? “I was looking over at the steel cables, they’re about that thick‘, holding his thumb and forefinger several inches apart, there’s a whole bunch of them, so I know you can’t fall“.

“Garrison’s wife Donna said her husband kept her from having a TOTALLY traumatic experience“. “I have A FEAR OF HEIGHTS so that first half-hour was A LITTLE BIT (?) daunting“. ONLY “a little bit?” But he’s (her husband Jimmy) a great coach. HE TALKED ME THROUGH IT“. HOPEFULLYDonna Garrison DOESN’T just sit around and do nothing like super-traditional CHINESE wives (and they know who they are).

Finally, “Donna Garrison said she and her husband were returning to the park on Friday (September 21, 2012). Asked if she’d try out the Windseeker again, she (quickly/promptly) replied “OH, NO, NO, NO“. WHO CAN BLAME HERafter being suspended in mid-air for several hours and given that she is AFRAID OF HEIGHTS

, 2006 during a TRIAL run and again on January 25, 2012, WITH PASSENGERS ABOARD (Web-site/URL:


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