CHICAGO Teachers’ Strike ABOUT TO End? Reuters

The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Agreement NEAR in Chicago teachers strike, no school Friday (September 14 2012)” (Web-site/URL: “Agreement near?” IS IT?

“The Chicago Teachers Union said on Thursday (September 13, 2012) a deal was near to end a four-day strike in the nation’s third-largest school district over education reforms sought by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but a deal WILL NOT  be reached in time to reopen schools on Friday (September 14 2012)”.

According to union president Karen Lewis, “We are optimistic, BUT WE ARE STILL HAMMERING THINGS OUT. Schools WILL NOT open Friday (September 14, 2012)”.

“Lewis, who called (Chicago Mayor Rahm) Emanuel a “bully” and “liar” before leading teachers on their first strike in 25 years, struck a CONCILIATORY (?) tone after late-night talks on Wednesday (September 12, 2012)”. “bully” and “liar” carry VERY NEGATIVE connotations and certainly DON’T sound “conciliatory”. “As for schools reopening on Monday (September 17, 2012)”…, “I’m PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING I’m HOPING (?) for Monday (September 17, 2012)”IS SHEgiven that Lewis is president of a TEACHERS’ UNION? Unions, of course, are mainly (or perhaps only) interested in MONEY.

Finally, according to Moody’s Investor Services, “It’s highly likely that actual salary increases will EXCEED budgeted salary increases”but WILL THIS BE ENOUGH TO APPEASE ANGRY TEACHERS WHO ARE CONSTANTLY COMPLAINING THAT THEY DON’T GET/AREN’T GETTING ENOUGH MONEY TO GET BY?

Again, it’s THE STUDENTS who are getting caught up in this mess and therefore get the short end of the stick every time adults squabble over MONEYThis is another/the latest story about DISSATISFACTION/DISCONTENT/ANGER.


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