ALBERT HO Resigns as HK’s DEMOCRATIC Party Leader: Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on September 10, 2012 is “Hong Kong’s PRO-DEMOCRACY leader (Albert Ho) steps down” (Web-site/URL:

What are the implications? “Despite the poor showing, election results on Monday (September 10, 2012) gave the (entire) pro-democracy CAMP the “critical MINORITY” it needs to veto constitutional amendments before a crucial debate about universal SUFFRAGE (?) in the coming four-year term of the legislature”. Key Word: “minority”. Pro-democracy activists ARE STILL “the…minority” or OPPOSITION party in Hong Kong. We also have to wonder IF Leung Chun-ying will continue to push for “universal SUFFRAGE” and not “universal” SUFFERING that DONALD TSANG started…and let’s remind ourselves that the most recent ex-Hong Kong chief executive DIDN’T help himself by accepting favors from tycoon friends and his tears were part of another FREAK SHOW (Web-site/URL:

“The results mean (that) the CIVIC Party, with five seats, up from four previously, overtakes the Democratic Party as the BIGGEST pro-democracy party in the legislature, with almost all the votes counted”. We now have a new definition of “big”. A political party with FIVE seats is now considered “big”.

“Official results showed that the Democracy Party won only FOUR seats, down from eight, in the new 70-seat assembly, prompting chairman Albert Ho to offer an emotional apology to the party faithful, according to (the) AFP news agency”. So, the Democratic Party lost HALF their seats – a HUGE loss.

“after bowing before the television cameras at a press conference”, Ho said: “For the SERIOUS FAILURE in this election, I have to accept full political responsibility as the chairman of the Democratic Party” and therefore HE WILL RESIGN?

“He attributed the party’s poor performance in Sunday’s (September 10, 2012) vote to a split in the democratic camp and the popularity of RADICAL candidatesNOT to a fall in support for democracy” to MAKE HIMSELF FEEL GOOD, if for no other reason.

In recent months, the general public has become INCREASINGLY IMPATIENT and even VERY ANGRY with the existing administration” and POLITICIANS IN GENERAL. Of course, when Ho is talking about “the existing administration”, he is talking about the LEUNG administration. No SANE or RATIONAL POLITICIAN would criticize themselves.

I think a lot of voters have decided to choose some people who … play a MUCH MORE AGGRESSIVE role in the Legislative Council”, implying people who belong to the LEAGUE OF SOCIAL DEMOCRATS (LSD) and led by characters such as LEUNG KWOK-HUNG, better known as “Long Hair”, ALBERT CHAN and WONG YUK-MAN.

So, the CIVIC Party under AUDREY EU gains while THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY STUMBLES, which means THE CIRCUS in Hong Kong politics continues.


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