PAUL RYAN & “American ‘TURNAROUND'”: Fox

The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Ryan calls for Americanturnaround ‘,  prepares to accept VP nod” (Web-site/URL:

“Paul Ryan, on the cusp of accepting his party’s vice presidential nomination, says it’s time to meet the country’s challenges WITHOUT EXCUSES and IDLE WORDS“. All POLITICIANS use “excuses and idle words”. “in prepared remarks”, Ryan said:  “After four years of GETTING THE RUN-AROUND, America NEEDS A TURN-AROUND and the man for the job is GOVERNOR (?) Mitt Romney”. “Mitt Romney” is “Governor” NO MORE. Romney hasn’t been “Governor” for 5+ years (Web-site/URL: Also “after 4 years” sounds like OBAMA attacking Sen. MCCAIN for representing ” GEORGE BUSH‘s third term”.

BEFORE THE MATH AND THE MOMENTUM OVERWHELM US ALL, WE’RE GOING TO SOLVE THIS NATION’S ECONOMIC PROBLEMS. And I’m going to level with you: WE DON’T HAVE THAT MUCH TIME“. Seems like Ryan WANTS/IS HOPING FOR people to be “overwhelmed”. “But if we are SERIOUS and SMART and we LEAD, WE CAN DO THIS“. “we can”. WOW. A rare bit of POSITIVE language from a POLITICIAN.
“Ryan pledged (that) they WOULD NOT duck the tough issues“, but “lead“. “would not “duck the tough issues” like PRESIDENT OBAMA. HERE WE GO AGAIN with the NEGATIVE/ATTACKING rhetoric. All POLITICIANS DANCE AROUND “tough issues”.
“The address, set for late Wednesday night (August 29, 2012), follows on the heels of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s keynote (address) in which he said the GOP ticket is prepared to deliver “HARD truths” to the country”, implying, of course, that DEMOCRATS are UNABLE TO DEAL WITH “hard truths”, making this the latest case of “We think they made us mad; they think we made them mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL:
“Ann Romney also pledged that her husbandWILL NOT FAIL“. OK this is ANN ROMNEY‘s BELIEF (Web-site/URL:, but can she GUARANTEE this? Ann Romney is only a HOMEMAKER and EQUESTRIAN (Web-site/URL:, so it’s NOT as if what she says means anything. All we can say is that she is another CONSERVATIVE woman who only follow their husbands around.

“Ryan, chairman of the House BUDGET Committee, is best known for his controversial plans to OVERHAUL Medicare and the tax system. They are likely the kinds of “HARD truthsChristie raised Tuesday night (August 28, 2012), as the New Jersey governor claimed Romney and Ryan would lead a “new era of TRUTH-TELLING (?) in Washington”POLITICIANS and “truth-telling” clearly DON’T go together, especially for someone on the BUDGET Committee, because MONEY is involved.
“Democrats, though, were hard at work casting Ryan as a REGRESSIVE choice for the country. A new video released Wednesday (August 29, 2012) by the Obama campaign cast him as “out of step” with voters and someone from a “BYGONE era“, the latest PURELY POLITICAL argument.

“The video criticizes Ryan for being the architect of an “extreme” budget that would OVERHAUL Medicare and for seeking to DEFUND Planned Parenthood”. This is exactly what Republicans want to dobecause Planned Parenthood is PRO-CHOICE (Web-site/URL: and as we knowRepublicans are generally PRO-LIFE.
“Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck said the video was a “TIRED and MISLEADING” attack by Obamain an attempt to DIVERT ATTENTION AWAY from his FAILED RECORD“, yet another PURELY POLITICAL argument.
“Christie was as tough on Obama as he was supportive of Mitt Romney, RATCHETING UP THE CONVENTION TONEand we know how problematic it is when people “ratchet up” negative rhetoric (Web-site/URL:   “Christie claimed DOUBT and FEAR have seized a country that four years ago (2008) put its stock in HOPE and CHANGE“. Well Republicans are trying to CREATE “doubt and fear”.
Finally, “Christie said Romney will “TELL US THE TRUTH (?)” and “LEAD WITH CONVICTION” and that, in the end, the country will thrive “in a second AMERICAN century”Again, we need to work with and develop good relationships with OTHER COUNTRIESHoweverif we talk about OUTSOURCING JOBS to countries such as CHINA and INDIAthe issue then becomes a lot more complicated.

If you’re willing to hear THE TRUTH (?) … about THE HARD ROAD AHEAD and THE REWARDS for America that TRUTH (?) will bear, I’m here to begin with you this new era of TRUTH-TELLING (?)” Romney worked for BAIN CAPITAL, an ASSET MANAGEMENT and FINANCIAL SERVICES company (Web-site/URL: and he’s a POLITICIAN and as we knowpeople who are employed in these two capacities ARE NOT completely “truthful”.

So, let’s see IF the Romney/Ryan ticket can unseat a relatively popular incumbent on November 6 2012 and IF they are electedIF they can lead a turnaround economically and SUSTAIN IT


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