NEW ORLEANS: Tropical Storm ISAAC Set to Hit on KATRINA Anniversary (Yahoo!)

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Tropical Storm Isaac forecast to hit New Orleans as hurricane at KATRINA anniversary” (Web-site/URL: Hurricane KATRINA. OH GOD.

“In New Orleans, officials HAD NO PLANS to order evacuations and instead told residents to hunker down and make do with the supplies they had“. WHAT?

According to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, ” IT’S GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT“. WILL IT? This is LANDRIEU‘s BELIEF(Web-site/URL: and is also the latest example of a POLITICIAN‘s COMPLACENCY/LACK OF MOTIVATION.

However, NOT EVERYONE was waiting to see what happened. Shawanda Harris LOST EVERYTHING when her New Orleans apartment was flooded during Katrina. On Monday (August 27, 2012), her neighborhood was packing up and leaving. She planned to caravan out of the city with relatives. “PEOPLE AIN’T TAKING CHANCES NOWobviously. “She said Isaac was coming — JUST AS KATRINA DIDat the end of the month, when many people are low on money”. “THEY GOT RENT TO PAY. THEY GOT BILLS. Payday isn’t until the end of the month, Friday. Right now, HALF our family got money. Some of our family got NOTHING. THAT’S WHY WE’RE LEAVING TOGETHER. We can imply that most members of Shawnda Harris’ family HAVE jobs. If we had a similar situation in HONG KONG or CHINA, it would be A DISASTER because women are only supposed to SIT THERE and DO NOTHING. In traditional Chinese society, very little is done “together”, especially when it comes to MONEY/FINANCES, where MEN are supposed to DOMINATE/DO EVERYTHING.

Finally, “FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, in a conference call with reporters earlier in the day (August 28, 2012), said people SHOULDN’T focus just on New Orleans”. “This is NOT a New Orleans storm. This is a GULF COAST storm. Some of the heaviest impact may be in Alabama and Mississippi”NOPELOUISIANAmore specifically NEW ORLEANS,was the worst hit during Katrina, with many people screaming “We want help”If FEMA hasn’t figured this out by nowseven years after Katrina, that agencycan only be described as a FAILURE and we have to wonder what Fugate is/has been doing for seven years. EITHER HE SHOULD BE FIRED OR FEMA SHOULD BE ELIMINATED ALTOGETHER because the KATRINA response was/can only be described as a DISASTER/FAILURE. 


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