SMOKING Reaches “ALARMING Levels” in THIRD WORLD/DEVELOPING Countries: Reuters

The title of a recently released Reuters article is “”ALARMING” smoking habits found in POORER COUNTRIES” (Web-site/URL:

“Two fifths of MEN in DEVELOPING COUNTRIES still smoke or use tobacco and WOMEN are increasingly starting to smoke at YOUNGER AGES, according to a large international study which found ALARMING patterns” of tobacco use”. “Two fifths” or 40%,is a HUGE percentage/proportion.

According to Gary Giovino “of the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions in New York, who led the research”, “Although 1.1 BILLION people have been covered by the adoption of the MOST EFFECTIVE (?) tobacco control policies since 2008, 83 percent of the world’s population ARE NOT covered by two or more of these policies”the most effective of which is replacing all the colorful images on cigarette packages with plain green boxes with graphic health warnings describing the health problems that long-term cigarette smoking will inevitably causeColorful cigarette packagingof courseis an advertising gimmick that cigarette companies have come up with in an effort to attract YOUNGER smokersincluding CHILDREN.

Finally, “Matthew L. Myers, president of the U.S.-based Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, said the study “underscores the enormity of the GLOBAL TOBACCO EPIDEMIC. Without URGENT action, tobacco use will claim 1 BILLION lives this century”, “urging poorer countries to “act now and ADDRESS A CRISIS (that) THEY CAN ILL AFFORD“. Again there are TWO points of interest hereFirst1 BILLION STAGGERING number/statistic. Also, “address a crisis that they can ill afford” is also importantespecially for a country like CHINAbecause although IT SEEMS LIKE China has a lot of moneymost of this money ends up in the hands of CORRUPT POLITICIANS like BO XILAI and STANLEY HO and former HONG KONG Chief Executive DONALD TSANG, who paid GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS/CIVIL SERVANTS, INCLUDING HIMSELF, OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH salariesPublic servants who earn millions a year ARE NOT publicInstead, they are MONEY MAKERS. This is a critical distinction that must be made.

To conclude, smoking is AN EVEN BIGGER problem in CHINA, where DISCUSSIONS still seem to revolve around passing cigarettes and WOMEN are often seen smokingsome out of the center of their mouthssome out of the left side of their mouths and some out of the right side of their mouthsThis is NEITHER a pretty sight NOR smell (i.e. CIGARETTE SMOKE mixed in with perfume and deodorant). How can we stop or at least reduce the probability/likelihood of the next generation of young Chinese (<30) from smoking? The most obvious way is through EDUCATION and by parents setting a good example by not smoking themselves or quitting the habit (this will be a challenge).


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