CHINA: The BO XILAI Saga Continues (Reuters)

The title of a Reuters article released on August 12, 2012 is “Insight: BO‘s brand of justice LEAVES TIMEBOMB for China” (Web-site/URL:

According to Zou Zhiyong, “a Chongqing businessman who said his father-in-law Li Xiaofeng is among the once RICH or POWERFUL prisoners planning to seek release and redress from convictions made under Bo”, “The barrier to dealing with these UNJUST verdicts now is that THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEMWe’ll certainly appeal, but not yet, because we have to wait and take into account China’s SPECIAL POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT“. “China’s…political (and JUDICIAL environments)” ARE DEFINITELY “special” with PLENTY OF “rich or powerful” people. “We’ll wait until after the 18th Party Congress. Many cases will come forward then“. Will we see JUSTICE given that this is a COMMUNIST governmentThis is highly UNLIKELY.

“In keeping with its usual reticence (reserved), the Chinese government has made little comment on the allegations of misrule under Bo. It removed him from the Chongqing post in March (2012) and announced in April (2012) that he was suspended from the party’s elite Central Committee and Politburo for “disciplinary violations“, which could be minor or MAJORLet’s also note “reticence” because in this context or when we’re talking about CHINA, reticence also means CONCEALED as CHINA is a HIGHLY SECRETIVE society, as TWITTER, FACEBOOK and even GOOGLE have recently been banned (Web-site/URL:

“In March (2012), Premier Wen Jiabao rebuked Bo for Chongqing police chief Wang’s (WANG LIJUN‘s) flight to a U.S. consulate, the start of the unraveling of Bo’s career. He only obliquely (indirectly) criticized Bo’s rule in Chongqing”. “at the time”, Wen said: “Over the years, the successive governments of Chongqing and the people in Chongqing have made tremendous efforts to promote REFORM (?) and DEVELOPMENT“. “reform” includes freedom of SPEECH, THOUGHT and EXPRESSION something that’s still SORELY lacking or even NON-EXISTENT in China now. “And they have achieved REMARKABLE PROGRESS (?) in that regard“. “remarkable progress?” This is yet another/the latest INTERPRETATION(Web-site/URL: “The present Chongqing municipal Party committee and the municipal government must reflect seriously and learn from the Wang Lijun incident“. WILL THEY?

“Even now, many Chongqing residents still praise him”. According to advertising sales MANAGER Yu Kun, “Bo Xilai brought a sense of SECURITY here“, something that COMMUNIST/DICTATORIAL governments are obsessed with. “Only TWO kinds of people HATE Bo XilaiTHE BUSINESSMEN CRIMINALS (whom) he TOOK DOWN and THE CORRUPT OFFICIALS he TOOK DOWN“. “businessmen criminals?” YU KUN MAY WELL BE ONE OF THEM“corrupt officials?” There are plenty of these in COMMUNIST/DICTATORIAL/UNDEMOCRATIC societies as there is no ACCOUNTABILITY. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS basically have the freedom to do whatever they want. Also “took down” is AGGRESSIVE and therefore, yet another/the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

“Bo has not been seen publicly since his downfall in March (2012). A few days before his dismissal, he defended his policies at a news conference during the national parliament session”. “These people who have FORMED CRIMINAL BLOCS have WIDE SOCIAL TIES and the ability to SHAPE (i.e. MANIPULATE) OPINION“. “formed criminal blocs”, “wide social ties” and “shape (i.e. MANIPULATE) opinion”This describes POLITICIANS, more specifically, DICTATORS perfectly. “There are also, for example, people who have POURED FILTH ON CHONGQING (?) and POURED FILTH ON MYSELF AND MY FAMILY“. Of course the emphasis is on “myself”, the latest sign of a POLITICIAN‘s ARROGANCEa fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL: On top of this, of course, Bo DOES NOT care about “Chongqing”In fact, BO “poured filth on Chongqing”.

Zou, the businessman, went on: “In Chongqing, there was NO presumption of INNOCENCE; there was (ONLY) a presumption of GUILTWell, Bo Xilai IS corrupt. It’s THE SYSTEM IN ALL OF CHINA that needs change/reform: the system where someone is GUILTY until PROVEN INNOCENT. It should be the other way round: people should be INNOCENT until proven GUILTY. However, this system is UNLIKELY to change any time soon.

“citing a Chinese proverb meaning to make an example of someone WEAKER to FRIGHTEN THE MORE POWERFUL“, Zou continued: “”Bo had a habit of TAKING ON THE MOST POWERFUL“taking on the most powerful”, more specifically, is the latest thing to require the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: “He didn’t kill a chicken to scare the monkeysHe killed monkeys to scare the chickens“.

According to Fang Hong, “a former Chongqing forestry official SENT TO A LABOR RE-EDUCATION CAMP FOR CRITICIZING Bo and Wang on the Internet”, “MY GUESS is  that THERE WON’T be wholesale overturning of verdicts, because how could you assume that such injustices are RESTRICTED ONLY TO Chongqing?” WE CAN’TAlso, the fact that Fang was sent to “a labor re-education camp for criticizing Bo and Wang” and the fact that these “labor re-education camps” still exist in the 21st century again is DEEPLY troubling. There is still very little freedom in Chinawhen compared to western countriesAll we have to do is look at the fact that TWITTER and FACEBOOK have been banned recently, FACEBOOK in JULY, 2008 and TWITTER in JUNE, 2009 (Web-site/URL: Both Twitter and Facebook have been replaced with CHEAP Chinese alternatives,WEIBO and QQ.That (overturning of guilty verdicts) WOULD BE A SHOCK to China’s ENTIRE SYSTEM, so the (Chinese Communist) leadership DOESN’T want Chongqing to start A CHAIN REACTION” of course/obviously.

“Li Xiaofeng’s family, however, said it WILL NOT be satisfied with possibly SLOW and only PARTIAL redress for him“. POLITICIANS ALWAYS do things/address issues “slowly”.

“The Chongqing government cast Li as an ESPECIALLY VILLAINOUS official, using media reports to trumpet his arrest and conviction. Li was THE BIGGEST case of OFFICIAL corruption in Chongqing since the founding of the People’s Republic of China” in 1949, local newspapers said after his sentencing”. Of course, as we know, these are only the “official” or REPORTED corruption cases and many cases of corruption by Chinese government officials are/go UNREPORTED.

“Li, 60, was convicted of TAKING BRIBES worth a total of 49 million yuan ($7.7 million) and given a commuted death sentence, meaning he faces life in jail”. So Li Xiaofeng IS NOT a saint either…AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“A colleague of Li, a manager, said he was THREATENED WITH TORTURE by STATE INVESTIGATORS, who told him that he could either provide incriminating testimony against Li or risk seeing his family detained”. Again, of course as we know, “threatened with torture” is the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: and  “state investigators” are HORRENDOUSLY biased. Also of course this “colleague of Li” did not identify himself ojut of FEAR OF REPRISALS.

“Li’s real offense was to ANGER Bo by resisting his ambitions to turn Chongqing’s television broadcaster into a RED channel devoted to DOCTRINAIRE programs, said the manager, as well Li’s son-in-law, Zou”. “doctrinaire” of course = INDOCTRINATE or BRAINWASH. Let’s also note “anger Bo”. It’s clear that BO XILAI held all the cards and pulled all the strings here.

According to the manager, “who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing WORRIES that city officials could be ANGERED by his speaking out“, “Everyone knew that Bo wanted to TAKE HIM (Li Xiaofeng) DOWN“. Again, “take him down” requires the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: THERE WERE CORRUPT OFFICIALS (INCLUDING Bo himself), but Bo also used the law to GET RID OF DISSENTERS“, just like MAO ZEDONG and MAO ZEDONG before him. This was the latest PURGE.

“Chongqing officials have declined requests to answer questions about Li’s case and others” obviously BECAUSE OF THE SENSITIVITY OF THIS ISSUE. But one ADVOCATE of Bo’s policies said a push to overturn many verdicts from his campaign against crime gangs and corruption would PROVE UNPOPULARobviously. According to Sima Nan, “a Beijing-based television host and online commentator who has continued to defend Bo’s policies after his downfall”, “I INSIST that the crackdown on organised crime was necessary to rid Chongqing of A MALIGNANT FORCE“, “insist?” How much CREDIBILITY does Sima Nan have? “Bo Xilai TOOK ON THE COLLUSION between officials and crime gangs and (so) OF COURSE, they’re going to come out now and CLAIM INJUSTICE. IF THERE WERE PROBLEMS, THEN PRODUCE THE EVIDENCE.

“Rao Jianpu, whose brother Rao Wenwei was a law-and-order official in rural Chongqing jailed after posting essays online CRITICAL of Bo and the Chinese government” and “who is helping in a campaign to void his brother’s 12-year jail term on charges of “INCITING SUBVERSIONand TAKING BRIBES“. “At the time, WE DIDN’T DARE RAISE ANY criticism of these cases prosecuted under Chongqing’s HIGH-PRESSURE system”. There’s no denying thisBasic rights and freedoms such as freedom of EXPRESSION, SPEECH and THOUGHT as well as WOMEN’S DIGNITY SIMPLY/STILL DON’T EXIST. For examplein China and HONG KONG and TAIWANpeople are still talking about how women should stay at home and do nothing except household chores and get pregnant. “That was THEN, but now it seems that with Secretary Bo gone, MANY PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO SPEAK OUT. There are MANY cases waiting to be dealt with. They say the number of people who want to appeal is SO, SO MANY” obviouslyAlso POLITICIANS “taking bribes” ISN’T news anymore.

“Claims of gross injustice by China’s PARTY-RUN police and courts are by no means unique to Chongqing, but Bo’s campaigns have left a daunting backlog of grievances, said Tong Zhiwei, a law professor at the East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, who has studied Bo’s policies”. “The number of victims and the amount of money confiscated are still difficult to estimateobviously. “While certainly NOT everyone jailed was innocent of any crime, the proportion of wrongful cases was indeed VERY HIGH

To conclude, let’s return to the title: “Insight: BO‘s brand of justice LEAVES TIMEBOMB for China”. This is just like CUI XILING‘s EIGHT-YEAR THREE PUBLICATION Ph.D disgrace at The Chinese University of Hong Kong    (Web-site/URL: and GAO WEI claiming that he worked in Singapore and Microsoft Research Asia which we know CANNOT BE true because he finished his Ph.D in 2010 and started at ” THE SAME Department” several months later and this is on top of the “Future Wife” scandal (Web-site/URL: Given this scheduleIT IS IMPOSSIBLE that he worked anywhere else. As a professional, THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO TRY AND GET AWAY WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Using a relationship to get into a university is GAO WEI and CUI XILING‘s “brand of justice” which, again, is a DISGRACE.


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