The title of a Reuters article released on August 8, 2012 is “Egypt FIRES intelligence chief, MILITANTS hit” (Web-site/URL: “militants” are VIOLENT and TROUBLING.

“President Mohamed Mursi sacked the intelligence chief on Wednesday (August 8, 2012) and Egyptian aircraft hit targets on the border with Israel in the BIGGEST assault in the area in nearly 40 years after a deadly attack by militants on Egyptian border police”.

IT WAS UNCLEAR how far Mursi – who MUST accommodate the powerful army at home AND reassure Israel that, as Egypt’s first Islamist president, he will MAINTAIN STABLE RELATIONS (?) had EXPANDED HIS AUTHORITY in response to Sunday’s (August 5, 2012) attack”. Again, there are SEVERAL things to note here. First, WILL Mursi “maintain stable relations with Israel?” On top of this, “expanded his authority” requires someone to be SUPERIOR and use the “force and pain technique

But IN A MAJOR SHAKEUP, he sacked INTELLIGENCE chief Mourad Mwafi and announced other changes in security appointments”.

“Egypt’s military leadership said ground and air forces had begun to restore stability in Sinai”. “The forces were able to execute the plan successfully. The forces will continue the plan and call on tribes and families of Sinai to COOPERATE (?) in the restoration of security.
“cooperation” is SCARCE these days
. Also we don’t have to remind ourselves that “Egypt’s military leadership”under TANTAWI IS NOT popularbut NEITHER IS THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

Finally, speaking on Israel Radio on Wednesday (August 8, 2012), a senior Israeli defense official, Amos Gilad, said: “What we see in Egypt is A STRONG FURY, a determination of the (MUBARAK) regime and the army to take care of it and impose order in Sinai because that is their responsibility“.

So, it looks like/appears as if EGYPT has descended into chaos once again.


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