Murder of A “BATTERED WIFE” In The West Bank: Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on August 1, 2012 is “Palestinians protest murder of BATTERED wife” (Web-site/URL: Gruesome Word: “battered”.

“Calls for more protection for abused women after wife’s THROAT SLIT in (the) middle of (a) Bethlehem market, allegedly by husband”. Gruesome Action: “throat slit”Also the fact that this was done “in (the) middle of a Bethlehem market” reinforces the fact that in many Arab societiesmen seem to OWN women and this was a display of FORCE as if the man wanted to show the world what he could do to his wife if she dared to challenge himTHIS IS HORRIFYING.

“The BRUTAL killing of a BATTERED wife in front of HORRIFIED witnesses in an open-air Bethlehem market has prompted ANGRY accusations that Palestinian police and courts IGNORE violence against women“. IF this indeed true/the caseall we can say is: Palestinian police are COMPLETELY INEPTALL OF US SHOULD JUSTIFIABLY BE “horrified”“angry” and DISGUSTED at this EGREGIOUS behavior.

“Nancy Zaboun, a 27-year-old mother of three, had her THROAT SLASHED on Monday (July 30, 2012)  after seeking a divorce from her ABUSIVE husband of 10 years”Of courseas we know“abusive” is DEEPLY troublingIn many Mideast countries“abusive husbands” can do horrific things to their wivessuch as, but are not limited to, THROW ACID ON THEIR FACES and even “slitting (her) throat”.

“On Wednesday (August 1, 2012), several dozen women staged a memorial for Zaboun in the Bethlehem market ALLEY where she was killed, holding signs and chanting, NO to violence against women“. “One sign read, “Shame on US Palestinians for killing OUR women“. Failing to protect one’s “own” is A DISGRACE. Also note “market alley” because this is where many assaults in the Middle East take place as men think they can do anything to women in these areas where it’s often impossible for authorities to be in all these areas all the time.

“Justice Minister Ali Mohanna said such killings are now treated as any other slaying and claims of assailants that they were protecting “family honour” ARE NO LONGER taken into account“. REALLY? IS THIS TRUE? AlsoTHERE IS NOTHING “honorable” (or “honourable”) about treating women as/like ANIMALS.

Finally, “Rabiha Diab, the women’s affairs minister in the Palestinian self-rule government, said the killing of Zaboun, and the failure to prevent it were TROUBLINGobviously. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER. “Every once in a while, there is a case that makes us feel WORRIED and AFRAID that WE ARE GOING BACK TO SQUARE ONE [as women]”, “noting that law enforcement agencies need to look at what (MORE) they can do to protect women”. There are TWO things that we need to note here. First, “worried and afraid that we are going back to square one (as women)” is obviously NOT goodSecondly, note “law enforcement agencies need to look at what they can do to protect women”. The question is NOT whether they are able to do so; the question is whether or not they are WILLING to do anything.

Again, Palestine, along with EGYPT (with the “virginity tests”, which are still going on in practice, although they have been banned by law/on paper) and CHINA (where the traditional attitude is still that women should sit at home and do nothing, except get pregnant) are countries where WOMEN STILL HAVE NO DIGNITY. POWERLESSwomen in the Middle East and women who are DEMANDING to a RIDICULOUS degree in countries such as CHINA (by demanding that their boyfriends/husbands are TALLER than they are and EARN MORE MONEY THAN THEY DO) are EQUALLY problematic. There must be a BALANCE in societyIf we just take this issue of women’s rightsif we go to either EXTREME (i.e. women having NO rights whatsoever or women being DEMANDING at the beginning of a relationship in order to be PASSIVE at the end, as odd as that sounds), we could be headed for another EXPLOSIVE CONFRONTATION, which, again, is something that we DON’T need/we could do WITHOUT.


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