The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “American athletes lead REVOLT against (an) IOC ban on social media use to promote sponsors” (Web-site/URL:–u-s–leads-revolt-against-ioc-ban-against-social-media-use-to-promote-sponsors.html). As we’ve seen, “revolts” are UGLY.

“American athletes risked disqualification by leading a revolt against the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Monday (July 30, 2012)  and its draconian (rigorous; unusually severe or cruel) laws of FORBIDDING competitors from using social media to promote their sponsors“. THIS IS DISGRACEFUL.Britain should be a member of the FREE world and NOT like CHINA and NORTH KOREA that either bans TwitterFacebook and Google (among other things) or bans THE INTERNET ALTOGETHER.

“Spurred on by the outspoken words  of members of the United States team, Olympians from around the world launched a Twitter campaign under the hashtags #Rule40  and #WeDEMANDChange in an attempt to PRESSURE the IOC into action“. As we know, “demand” is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” and “pressure”, in many cases at least, can be related to/is part of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

“Rule 40 is the section in the athletes’ code of conduct that warns anyone flouting the strict guidelines on the use of social media as a PROMOTIONAL tool will be EXPELLED from the Games”. Twitter is a “PROMOTIONALtool”. THIS IS DISGRACEFUL.

“Dozens of athletes responded ANGRILY, including U.S. 400-meter star runner Sanya Richards-Ross”. “I’d love to show my great sponsors LOVE. I am one of the very fortunate athletes that work with wonderful sponsors during the Olympic year. [This is an] INJUSTICE“, the latest “angry” remark.

“The IOC also frowns upon STRONG criticism of the organization“. WHAT EXACTLY IS “strong criticism?” “National committees warned their athletes that ANY act of dissent, such as the Rule 40 tweets, COULD BE grounds for DISQUALIFICATION. Surely, CHINA is involved in this, as a country in which freedom of speech/expression is SEVERELY restricted. Also, China is a MAJOR player in international afairs/on the world stage. Just look at their vetos of UN resolutions on SYRIA. One or two unreasonable people may hold EVERYONE up.

“That did not stop U.S. 20-kilometer race walker Maria Michta, who gave a heartfelt and eloquent description of how the regulations have affected her”. On her personal blog, Michta wrote: “I have NO big brand corporate sponsor who gives me free gear, pays me a salary and gives me a bonus for making it to events like the Olympics. My sponsors are MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS, MY HIGH SCHOOL COMMUNITY (and) the family of race walkers around the country. My sponsor bonus comes from EACH and EVERY dollar THROWN IN MY BUCKET (and) EVERY donation on my website. Those are the sponsors that I represent“. So NOT everyone has big-name corporate sponsors and is rich. “And because of rules like Rule 40 and others I could not use the image of myself at (the) Olympic Trials or the title U.S. Olympian in ANY pictures, posts or tweets to fundraise money to help pay for my travel expenses and get my family, THE FAMILY WHO HAS SPONSORED ME FROM DAY ONE, over to London to watch me compete“. This is clearly an emotional issue for Michta. Michta couldn’t even use the caption “US Olympian” under her name? THAT’S A DISGRACE.

U.S. javelin thrower Kara Patterson echoed this DISGUST: “I AM HONORED to be an Olympian. BUT I can’t tweet about MY ONLY sponsor. “I’m honored” but FRUSTRATED is clearly NOT a good combination.

Finally, according to the athlete’s code of conduct, “AMBUSH marketers have, IN THE PAST, used their association with athletes to suggest or imply that they have an association with the Olympic Games. This undermines the exclusivity that Organizing Committees can offer official Games and team sponsors, without whose investment the Games COULD NOT happen. The implication of an association with the Games through (the) use of athletes is particularly powerful DURING and IMMEDIATELY BEFORE the Games. Participants who DO NOT  comply with Rule 40 may be sanctioned by the IOC in accordance with the Team Members’ Agreement, which provides for wide ranging sanctions, including, amongst other things, REMOVAL OF ACCREDITATION and FINANCIAL penaltieswith THE LATTER being more important, of course. Everyone cares about “financial” or MONEY “penalties”.

So we now have ANGER BEING VENTED AT THE IOC as an additional controversy ON TOP OF a GREEK triple jumper (Web-site/URL: and a SWISS soccer/football player (Web-site/URL: being sent home for RACISM. This level of ANGER is unprecedented and IS NOT what the Olympics should be about. It should be about THE WORLD COMING TOGETHER AS ONE. This is clearly NOThappening, now that even FREE SPEECH is being challenged. Countries such as CHINA demand that other countries not meddle in their affairsbut the Chinese can meddle in other countries’ affairs or even INTERNATIONAL EVENTS. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS/A DISGRACE.


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