TWITTER Goes Out Early On In The Olympics: The Independent

The title of an Independent article released on July 29, 2012 is “Olympic officials BLAME TWITTERfor shambolic(completely disorganized/chaotic) television coverage” (Web-site/URL: Well, A LOT OF THINGS are “shambolic” these days and we also have another/the latest case of “blame”.

“Olympic officials have BLAMED Twitter for a series of computer glitches that led to shambolic television coverage of the men’s road race yesterday afternoon (July 28, 2012). BBC presenters struggled to work out who was leading the nail biting race because GPS data containing the competitors’ progress was delayed”.

“IOC communications director Mark Adams called on spectators to think about how often they use their phones during popular events“. “We DON’T want to stop people engaging in this by social media and sending updates”. REALLY? But PERHAPS they might consider ONLY sending URGENT updates“. This guy is trying to limit people’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH, A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT. What’s “urgent” about SPORTS? People watch sports mainly for ENTERTAINMENT/RELAXATION/ENJOYMENT.NOTHING is “urgent” when it comes to spectator sportsDoes this meanthen, that people CANNOT communicate? THIS IS A DISGRACE.

BBC sport hosts took to Twitter to apologize for the errors”. DID THEY TRULY “apologize?”  According to Gary Lineker, “This is the OlympicsThe coverage is from A POOL OF broadcasters from across the world. I’M AFRAID THAT’S HOW IT IS,REGARDLESS OF WHO HOSTS“. This certainly DOES NOT sound like an apology.

“Co-host Jake Humphrey added: “For those asking about more on-screen stats, graphics and info, NONE OF IT was under BBC‘s control, we JUST take pictures provided to (the) whole world”This is the latest version of “Not my problem” (Web-site/URL:

“Mark Parkman, a spokesman for  OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services), insisted today’s (July 29, 2012) women’s road race WAS NOT affected by the same data problems: “Today (July 29, 2012) was MUCH (?) betterWe received the data from Locog and its data provider and it made a GREAT (?) difference“. Again, both of these statements are open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL: “However, some spectators reported a lack of on-screen updates”.

Finally, “Coverage of the gymnastics on Saturday evening (July 28, 2012) also drew ANGRY responses online with viewers COMPLAINING that BBC One showed little of the men’s team making it to the finals”. “angry” and “complaining” are the latest HARSHLY NEGATIVE/DISGRUNTLED words.  “However, a BBC spokesman insisted that the entire event could be seen on other BBC channels”. “The BBC carried EXTENSIVE coverage of the gymnastics yesterday (July 28, 2012) across BBC Three as well as in its entirety on and the Red Button“. Well, ANGRY SPECTATORS will surely claim that this WAS NOT the case, making this the latest case of “We think they made us mad; they think we made them mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL:

This latest glitch/mishap/blunder will only INFLAME people’s ANGER, which, as we know, HAS ALREADY REACHED/IS ALREADY AT UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS… and that’s clearly NOT good.


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