AURORA, CO Shootings: CNN

The title of a recently released CNN article is “Colorado theater shooting suspect makes first court appearance” (Web-site/URL: This is a rather bland title for a GRUESOME crime/murder.

“The man accused of shooting into a PACKED movie theater made his first court appearance Monday (July 23, 2012), giving the public its first look at the 24-year-old former DOCTORAL candidate since his arrest moments after the gunfire ended early Friday (July 21, 2012)”. Interestingly enough, we have TWO groups of killers/murderers hereWe can pair James Holmes up with VIRGINIA TECH killer SEUNG HUI-CHO as a SCHOLAR (Cho had a 3.5 GPA in high school and was weeks away from graduation before embarking on his murderous rampage and Holmes was a Ph.D candidate) and COLUMBINE murderers DYLAN KLEBOLD and ERIC HARRIS in the sense that Holmes seemed like an OUTCAST.

“James E Holmes, his hair dyed various shades of ORANGE, looked DOWN, then STRAIGHT AHEAD“. “his hair dyed various shades of ORANGEperhaps suggests that he thinks that his murderous rampage was A JOKE?  “He sat WITHOUT blinking for long periods (of time)”This is a sign of INDIFFERENCE. “AT TIMES, his eyes FLUTTERED, then SQUEEZED TIGHT and (then) REOPENED IN A BLANK STARE. “fluttered” and “squeezed tight” are indications of  NERVOUSNESS/APPREHENSION while “reopened in a blank stare” suggests INDIFFERENCE, a strange combination indeed. “Occasionally, his eyebrows arched over several days of stubble, giving his face a MOURNFUL mien“. “mournful” = SORRYSo, we have “his hair dyed various shades of ORANGE” and “he sat without blinking” suggesting INDIFFERENCE, “his eyes FLUTTERED, then squeezed tight and (then) reopened in a BLANK STARE” and giving his face a mournful look” all in the same sentenceWOW, IS THIS CONFUSING.

“But the DAZED-looking man, who identified himself to police as “The Joker” wore a MAROON jumpsuit over a WHITE T-shirt and gave little indication that he was paying attention to the courtroom procedure that ensured he will continue to be held without bond”. Again, “gave little indication” is another sign of LACK OF REMORSE/INDIFFERENCE to what he has done.

“Asked whether Holmes was on medication, Arapaho County Undersheriff David C. Walcher said, EVEN IF I DID KNOW, I COULDN’T TELL YOU” obviously because the investigation is still ongoing and MORE LIVES COULD POTENTIALLY BE AT RISK.

“Inside the courtroom, victims and their relatives watched the proceeding. McKayla Hicks was among them. She was seated in the movie theater next door to the one where the killings occurred when A BULLET STRUCK HER CHIN“, clearly a SERIOUS injury. “Though she has largely recovered, she said Monday’s (July 23, 2012) court appearance WAS NOT EASY TO OBSERVEobviously. “Once he (Holmes) walked into the room, IT JUST MADE EVERYTHING A LOT HARDER” obviously. “He just looks like A PATHETIC FREAK. Hicks is clearly LASHING OUT at Holmes now. “I JUST WANT HIM PUT AWAY FOREVER“. Again, we can certainly understand Hicks’ ANGER here. Also, note “put away forever”. Does this mean that Hicks wants LIFE IMPRISONMENT for James Holmes or THE DEATH PENALTY?

“Jordan Ghawi, whose sister Jessica was among the 12 fatalities, WAS NOT in the courtroom“. “This guy’s already had his 10 minutes of fame and I DON’T need to see the face of the man who’s taken my sister’s lifeobviouslyTHAT WOULD SURELY CONJURE UP TOO MANY BAD MEMORIES. “I was afraid that I MAY TRY TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT MANsurely out of REVENGEwhich as we know is an “Ambassador of Doom” (Web-site/URL: which, again, is VERY BAD/UGLY. “He described Holmes as a COWARD and a GENIUS” or SMART in a BAD way, a VERY BAD combination.  I DON’T BELIEVE FOR A SECOND that he’s sitting there with HIS WIDE EYES and PRETENDING TO BE INCOHERENT. HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING” obviously.

“Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers told reporters outside the courthouse” “The charges on which the court found cause included FIRST-DEGREE murder. I would say (that) THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A SLAM-DUNK CASEof course. “We’re still looking at the ENORMOUS amount of evidence“.

“At the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus, administrators told reporters that Holmes took his preliminary examinations on June 7 (2012) and INITIATED his withdrawal from the program THREE DAYS LATER (June 10, 2012)”James Holmes clearly seemed to be DISINTERESTED so WHY DID HE ENROLL IN THIS PROGRAM IN THE FIRST PLACE?

“Dean Barry Shur told reporters” “It’s VERY UNUSUAL, VERY UNUSUAL for a student to withdraw from our program“, especially after only THREE DAYS.

“Holmes DID NOT divulge his reason for leaving the program. “That area of the form was LEFT BLANK“, like SEUNG HUI-CHO at VIRGINIA TECH, a person whom a former classmate referred to as “the question mark kid” because Cho famously wrote A QUESTION MARK instead of his name on a class sign-up sheet (Web-site/URL:

“Shur described scientists as “quirky” people”. What does this mean specifically? We are trained to CHALLENGE AUTHORITY, to CHALLENGE WHAT’S KNOWN“. “But, he added, EVERY LABORATORY IS A TEAM and NO SCIENTIST IS AN ISLAND. AND THEY HAVE TO FUNCTION PRODUCTIVELY WITH THEIR COLLEAGUES” and this was clearly something that James Holmes DID NOT/COULD NOT/WAS UNABLE/UNWILLING TO DO. “In addition, students in the school’s doctoral programs “are very carefully MONITORED and coached and counseled“. James Holmes surely had issues with/took exception to being “monitored”.

“Meanwhile, Lisa Damiani, an attorney representing the Holmes family, BUT NOT the suspect said his family members were keeping their location secret. “I don’t think they would like the media to know where they areobviously for FEAR OF REPRISALS/REVENGE. “at her office in San Diego, California, where the family lives”, Damiani said: “THEY’RE DOING AS WELL AS THEY CAN, UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, VERY DIFFICULT “circumstances”. “I think everyone can imagine how they’re feeling — anyone who’s ever been A PARENT“. “She added, “The family has elected NOT to discuss James or their relationship with James at this time“. This certainly sounds like the Holmes’ family being “Defensive”a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

“The family issued a statement Friday (July 20, 2012) saying, “Our hearts go out to those who were involved in this TRAGEDY and to the families and friends of those involved. WE ARE STILL TRYING TO PROCESS this information“.This was a DELIBERATELY PLANNED/SCRIPTED“tragedy”.

Finally, “Over the weekend, Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates told reporters that there was “evidence, I think (of) SOME (?) CALCULATION and DELIBERATION“. Only“some?” There was A LOT OF “evidence” of that.

With all the violence going on all over the world these days, specifically in SYRIA, this is exactly what we DON’T need: MORE GUN VIOLENCE/INEXPLICABLE/INCOMPREHENSIBLE DEATHS IN A COUNTRY WHERE GUN CONTROL REMAINS A SERIOUS PROBLEM.


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