The title of a Reuters article released on July 21, 2012 is “Analysis: JOB challenge looms for (the) next Mexican president” (Web-site/URL: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/21/us-mexico-economy-jobs-idUSBRE86K0I820120721) obviouslyThis sounds like the next challenge for whoever is/becomes the next US President too.

“In a country beset with drugs wars and a MASSIVE UNDERGROUND economy, Mexico’s president-elect FACES A TALL ORDER to stem the drift of young people into organized crime and off-the-books work: CREATE JOBS, LOTS OF THEM. As DIANE LATIKER would tell us, “the drift of young people into organized crime” is a SERIOUS problem (Web-site/URL: http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/living/2012/01/09/cnnheroes-tribute-latiker.cnn) as are “drug wars and a massive underground economy”.

According to Alfredo Coutino, “chief economist for Latin America at Moody’s”, “You’re sending more than half of the new job seekers to UNEMPLOYMENT. IT’S A PETRI DISH FOR  ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES and, of course, EVEN WORSE social problems, INCLUDING DRUGS. Again, of course, that’s NOT good.

“One aspiring sociologist in the northern border city of Tijuana said he resorted to selling marijuana and methamphetamines to help pay for his university education and support his family“. According to the 25-year-old, who was/ did not want to be identified, “Once you’ve knocked on EVERY door and get NO opportunities, YOU HAVE NO CHOICEYou DON’T have to go to a factory for eight or 10 hours a day. In a couple of days, you earn the same (amount) you do in A WEEK at the factory”So, there’s THE POTENTIAL FOR quick and easy money, IF people don’t get busted/find a way to evade authorities, that is.

According to Gabriel Merino Fausto, head of the Tijuana-based Industrial Association of Mesa de Otay”, “He (Jose Calderon) became the DRUG WAR president. THAT DIDN’T CREATE JOBS“. So, Calderon FAILED as “the drug war president”. This is also the latest expression of ANGER/DISCONTENT.

“Pena Nieto has pledged to fight on against the cartels, he says his main priority is to cut levels of MURDER, EXTORTION and KIDNAPPING“, three BRUTAL crimes. “just days before he won the July 1 (2012) presidential election”, Pena Nieto said: “Today (July 21, 2012), there’s very little work on offer, which means that we have POORLY PAID jobs”which is precisely/exactly why many people have resorted to the drug trade. “Today, we either have to take whatever badly paid work is on offer or WE JUST END UP WITHOUT ONE. THAT’S THE REALITYThis is clearly NOT any reason why Mexicans should have any faith in Nieto.

According to Francisco Funtanet, “president of Mexican industry federation Concamin”, “We can’t waste any more time, the country URGENTLY needs reforms like the fiscal, labor and energy ones and THE ONLY way to get them is IF all the players work together”. THIS DOES NOT SEEM TO BE POSSIBLEgiven how partisan we seem to be these days.

Finally, “If Pena Nieto’s government CANNOT break the deadlock on JOBS, THE COUNTRY FACES A ROUGH FUTURE, said businessman Merino Fausto from the Mesa de Otay lobby group in Tijuana”. “We need JOBS, otherwise, WE ARE GOING TO BE A COUNTRY OF CRIMINALS. WOW. Assuming that this assessment is accurate, Mexico is the latest country ON THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS/COLLAPSE.


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