The title of a Newsday article released on July 18, 2012 is “Jeremy Lin:I PREFERRED  NEW YORK‘” (Web-site/URL:

“Lin told Sports Illustrated  Wednesday (July 18, 2012)” HONESTLY (?), I PREFERRED New York”. REALLY? But my main goal in free agency was to go to a team that HAD PLANS FOR me and WANTED ME“. Let’s rephrase “had plans for me” as “had” FINANCIAL “plans for me”. Again, just like any CELEBRITY, it’s all about MONEY for Jeremy Lin. “I wanted to HAVE FUN  playing basketball . . . Now I’m definitely RELIEVED“.MELO is a “fun” or ENTERTAINING guy and so are AMAR’E STOUDEMIRE and TYSON CHANDLER. This is clearly a CIRCUS.

“Lin,…issued a statement through the Rockets PRAISING (?) the Knicks” “Felton’s signing was the first time when I thought, ‘OH, WOW, I MIGHT NOT be a Knick'”, again because of FINANCIAL reasonsFelton has played EIGHT seasons, averaged double figures in scoring each season and has NEVER had to go to the Developmental League (Web-site/URL: By contrastLin has had to go to the D-League TWICE (Web-site/URL: “Oh wow, I might not be a Knick” ISN’T EXACTLY PRAISEThere surely has to be some significant JEALOUSY here (i.e. Lin wouldn’t have been given as much MONEY as Felton).

“Anthony, the Knicks’ star playing for Team USA, has taken some criticism for calling what the Rockets gave Lin a “RIDICULOUS contract“. Lin’s contract is for THREE years and $25.1 million IN TOTAL, which IS NOT a lot of money for an athlete. On the other hand, IT IS “ridiculous” in the sense that before the New York Knicks’ seven-game winning streak in 2011, NO ONE HAD EVEN HEARD ABOUT JEREMY LIN/KNEW WHO HE WAS and after only SEVEN wins, it seemed like the whole world erupted into “Linsanity”. Shortly after the “Linsanity” phenomenon erupted, Lin went 1-11 against the MIAMI HEAT (Web-site/URL: then Lin TORE HIS MENISCUS and missed the playoffs, where the MIAMI HEAT SWEPT the Knicks 0-4This is the latest case of a player being SERIOUSLY OVERRATED.

“at the US Olympic team’s practice  in London yesterday (July 17 2012)”Anthony said: “I don’t think nobody really has an idea what his (FINANCIAL) ceiling is. What he was able to do for that little stretch (25 starts and 7 wins) that he played BEFORE he got hurt, he was at THE ALL-TIME HIGH, from a game standpoint doing what he was able to do, averaging 20-something-plus points (and) almost 10 assists. I’M READY TO SEE WHAT’S NEXT“. “But Anthony added, “Houston THREW SOMETHING in the game that was kind of CRAZY” obviously: MONEY.

Finally, “Lin, who averaged 18.2 points and 7.7 assists in 25 starts for the Knicks during his FAMOUS (?) run” finished off: “I LOVE (?) the New York fans TO DEATH. That’s the biggest reason why I WANTED to return to New York”, PAST tense. “The way they embraced me, the way they supported us this past season, was better than anything I’ve ever seen or experienced. I’LL GO TO MY GRAVE SAYING THAT. What New York did for me was UNBELIEVABLE. I WANTED to play in front of those fans for the rest of my career”.

So to finish off, let’s go back to the title: “Jeremy Lin:I PREFERRED NEW YORK‘” and he still left…for MONEY, which makes him no different from any other CELEBRITY and reinforces our assertion/belief that Jeremy Lin is certainly NOT A SAINT (as many in MAINLAND CHINA, TAIWAN and HONG KONG have depicted/made him out to be).


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