The title of a New York Times article released on July 16, 2012  is “For Fans of KNICKS, CONFLICT Over Lin” (Web-site/URL: This is just THE LATEST “conflict” that we now have to deal with.

According to Joe Anthony (perhaps he is related to MIAMI HEAT center JOEL ANTHONY), “a 38-year-old Brooklyn resident, speaking outside a sporting-goods store at 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue”, ““GOT TO LET HIM GOWHILE HE HAS ALL THE POTENTIAL IN THE WORLD, I think THERE’S STILL A LOT OF QUESTION MARKS” obviouslyBINGO.

According to 29-year-old Nelson Park, “…while taking a smoking break outside a Midtown (Manhattan) office building”, “I think for the last 10 years, people have had NOTHING to get excited about for the Knicks”. REALLY? Again, this is open to INTERPRETATIONS(Web-site/URL: And finally, after one year, we have somethingor HAD “something” now that we know that Lin will be a HOUSTON ROCKET in the 2012-13 season, one of the teams that cut/waived him earlier in his career. “I mean, how many millions of dollars have they spent on OTHER players?” Players must be WORTH THEIR INVESTMENTLin was a PATHETIC 1-11vs the MIAMI HEAT(Web-site/URL: and the Knicks were THRASHED by the Heat 0-4 in the FIRST round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

“The emotions may be even stronger in Chinatown, where Lin-watching parties flourished in February (2012)Wilson Tang, the 33-year-old owner of Nom Wah Tea Parlor, hosted some of those gatherings”. “The whole Linsanity thing WAS great. It WAS great for New York. It WAS great for the Knicks. It WAS great for sales. It WAS great for Asian-Americans like myself, to see someone LIKE THAT make it”. “like that” = someone who went to HARVARD because no major basketball powerhouse colleges/universities would offer him a scholarship and someone AT THE END OF THE BENCH. However, “Although Tang said it would pain him to see Lin go, he said his loyalty to the Knicks WOULD NOT change, “because I’m a NEW YORK KNICKS fan, NOTJeremy Lin FAN”. For the MUCH HYPEDLin, THAT’S GOTTA FEEL LIKE A SHOT TO THE GUT.

“Another fan, Jeffrey Wong, said in an e-mail that he was “probably a little more CAUGHT UP than most fans” when Linsanity erupted” and we know how PROBLEMATIC that can be because when people get “caught up” in their emotions, they often DON’T THINK RATIONALLY. “He called the contractual debatea little CONFUSING and FRUSTRATING. But I think in the end, if the Knicks DON’T re-sign Jeremy and EVEN IF THEY DO, they come off looking like BUMBLING IDIOTS”. Well, Wong IS CERTAINLY“frustrated”, a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL: and “bumbling idiots” is a BLISTERING CRITICISM.

According to Anthony, “the fan who favors LETTING Lin GO, “The problem  (that) the Knicks have faced for the last 10 years is just (salary) CAP ISSUES and MANEUVERABILITY. IF this guy turns out to be a bust (which is VERY/HIGHLY LIKELY), then THEY’RE GOING TO BE CAUGHT WITH ANOTHER LAME DUCKTHEY’RE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO MOVE”. This is clearly a BLISTERING CRITICISM.

“Park, who wants the Knicks to MATCH the contract, said it was WORTH the riskIt’s a lot of money (obviously), but compared to what they’ve spent in the past, it’s NOT that much”. REALLY“Again, players like Marbury and Eddy Curry, THEY’VE GOTTEN NOTHING(?)OUT OF IT”. The Knicks “got nothing” out of STEPHON MARBURY and EDDY CURRY? These players averaged in double figures many times.

According to Connor Loughlin, “a 26-year-old fan who was heading to work in Midtown (Manhattan)”, “They’re paying him $1 million for EVERY GAME that he’s actually started in his careerand Jeremy Lin HASN’T “started many games in his career”: 25 games all in 2011-12(Web-site/URL: Many players DON’T make $1 million OVER THEIR ENTIRE CAREERS and Lin is making $1 million/START? This is clearly EXCESSIVE/OVER THE TOP.

“Even Lin’s teammates have become engulfed in the debate. Carmelo Anthony, when asked if the Knicks should keep Lin, referred to the contract as “RIDICULOUS”, which IT IS$1 million/START? GIVE US A BREAK. ” J. R. Smith, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, said the contract COULD STIR JEALOUSY in the locker room”“ridiculous” and “jealousy” carry VERY NEGATIVE connotations.

Finally, “At one Midtown restaurant, Lin’s probable departure will not only hurt some patrons’ feelings, but their STOMACHS. At the height of Linsanity, the chef at Féile, on West 33rd Street, created the LIN-burger — “a five-spice pork burger”, according to Mark Collins the restaurant’s manager. So it’s a Jeremy Lin BURGER, NOT A FULL MEAL. “Had some ginger on it. Some pineapple. A REALLY INTERESTING BURGER. At the time of Linsanity, WHEN IT WAS AT ITS HEIGHT, they couldn’t get enough of itIT WAS VERY POPULAR”. “was” is PAST tense.

To conclude, let’s go back to a point that was mentioned earlier in this article. “Lin electrified Madison Square Garden and became a GLOBAL (?) star in February (2012) when he seized the Knicks’ point guard job and sparked a seven-game winning streak, saving their season”. A regular (non-lockout shortened) NBA season is 82 games long. Lin has to play well for 82games, NOT JUST TWO WEEKSif he wants to gain more fans, silence the naysayers and shed the OVERRATED label just like DIRK NOWITZKI (people didn’t stop doubting him until he won the 2011 NBA Championship) and LEBRON JAMES (people didn’t stop doubting him until he won the 2012 NBA Championship). Again, we cannot and MUST NOT live off HYPE alone. If players can’t DELIVER, IT’S POINTLESS. Lin could’ve stayed in New York where he would have had a supporting cast of CARMELO ANTHONY, TYSON CHANDLER,AMARE STOUDEMIRE and JASON KIDD, but he bailed out, becoming the latest CELEBRITY to put MONEY ahead of winning a championship.


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