The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Five Democrats side with Republicans to repeal OBAMACARE(Web-site/URL: WHOA. Even RACHEL ROSE HARTMAN of Yahoo! News is saying “Obamacare?” BAD NEWS.

FIVE House Democrats Wednesday (July 10, 2012) bucked their party and voted with Republicans to REPEAL OBAMACARE“Obamacare”THERE IT IS AGAIN.

“The vote, 244 to 185, with NO Republicans VOTING AGAINST a repeal, was MOSTLY SYMBOLIC, given that House Republicans have orchestrated at least 30 prior votes to fully or partially kill or defund the president’s health care law. All passing efforts have died in the DEMOCRATIC-controlled Senate and Wednesday’s (July 11, 2012) legislation WILL BEFALL THE SAME FATEHOPEFULLY. “But the vote did offer POLITICALLY VULNERABLE members a new opportunity to TAKE SIDES on the president’s (signature) health care law”, his MOST IMPORTANT domestic priorityAlso, notice “politically vulnerable” and “take sides”HERE WE GO AGAIN. WE’RE ALWAYS “(taking) sides”.

“Larry Kissell and Mike McIntyre, both of North Carolina, were the only two Democrats to publicly announce prior to Wednesday’s (July 11, 2012) vote their plans to side with the Republicans and back a repeal. Both congressmen face difficult re-election bids in districts that have become MARKEDLY MORE Republican following the latest round of redistricting”. “face difficult re-election bids”. HERE WE GO AGAIN.

“Additionally, Oklahoma Rep. Dan Boren and Arkansas Rep. Mike Ross, both of whom voted to FULLY REPEAL the law in 2011, VOTED THE SAME WAY Wednesday (July 10, 2012). BOTH DEMOCRATS ARE RETIRING, which frees them from worrying about the ELECTORAL ramifications of their decisions“. “Both (Boren and Ross) are retiring” AND  THEY’RE STILL PLAYING POLITICSTHAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSEBLANCHE LINCOLN played the “I don’t even know what the bill is gonna be” game back in 2010 (Web-site/URL: because SHE WAS RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION THAT YEARThis makes Blanche Lincoln seem like a moderate.

“That leaves one SURPRISE (?) vote for repeal from Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson of Utah. Matheson had offered NO firm confirmation of his position prior to the vote and did not vote for full repeal in Jan. 2011″. “WE MUST SCRAP this flawed effort once and for all, START OVER and DO IT RIGHT (?)Why was Congressman Matheson’s vote for repeal a “surprise?” Alsowhat does “do it right” specifically mean? This is another example of rejecting something WITHOUT OFFERING ANY FEASIBLE/WORKABLE ALTERNATIVES.THE GOAL WE ALL SHARE IS BIPARTISAN REFORM that ensures access to quality care and addresses (the) CONTINUED RISING COSTS that affect every Utah family and small business…It is time for Congress to REPEAL this law and REPLACE (?) it with new legislation“. Where is the REPLACE part of “repeal and replace?” Also, “the goal we all share”, on Capitol Hill, again, is POLITICAL THEATRICS.As a member of the Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, I stand ready to work with both parties to achieve BIPARTISAN (?), SUSTAINABLE solutions to meet this challenge“. Congressman Matheson is working in a “bi-partisan” way/method/mannerto PLAY POLITICS/NEGATIVE, in order to GET RE-ELECTED.

“Matheson said in his statement that he has “voted AGAINST the health care bill at EVERY (?) opportunity in the legislative process“, though he voted WITH Democrats to OPPOSE a full repeal“. Then, Matheson DID NOT “(vote) against the health care bill at every turn”.

Finally, “Matheson, his state’s ONLY Democratic congressman, is running for re-election in the newly-drawn 4th District where he faces a significant challenge from national TEA PARTY rising star Mia Love, who is seeking to become the first African-American Republican woman in Congress. Love, mayor of Saratoga Springs, recently received an endorsement from Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann and has garnered many additional high-profile supporters eager to see this seat switch parties”. “his state’s ONLY Democratic Congressman”. Once again, for many in the House, it’s all about HANGING ON TO ONE’S SEAT.

THE POLITICAL THEATRICS CONTINUE and we will only see MORE theatrics with the HOUSE and SENATE elections on November 6, 2012 rapidly approaching.


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