Vulnerable DEMOCRATS On The Offensive: Fox

The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Dems push HOT-BUTTON SOCIAL ISSUES in campaign ATTACK ads” (Web-site/URL: “hot button social issues” and “attack ads”. Typical behavior for POLITICIANS, isn’t it?

“When Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels warned politicians back in 2010, to “CALL A TRUCE (?)” on social issues until the country’s deeper economic troubles could be addressed, many assumed he was talking to 2012 Republican primary contenders”. Again, IS IT POSSIBLE for POLITICIANS to “call a truce?” NOPE. They seem to be fighting and trying to rip each others’ heads off 24/7.

“Just after President Obama publicly declared his support for gay marriage, Romney included a single line in an already-scheduled commencement address at Liberty University: Marriage is  (STRICTLY) a relationship between one MAN and one WOMANThis is an example of POLITICIANS attacking each other IMMEDIATELY.

“The Romney campaign has termed the ads “VICIOUSLY NEGATIVE and FALSE” — and nothing more than an attempt to DIVERT ATTENTION from DISASTROUS economic news”, as if ROMNEY DOESN’T engage in “vicious negative and false” ads and as if ROMNEY can do any better on the economy.

According to Republican strategist Ed Rollins,I think [abortion] is an issue that basically, the Democrats are using as a wedge to TRY and MOBILIZE WOMEN voters“, a key group. “It tells me they are trying to REINFORCE THEIR OWN POLITICAL BASE. If a political party cannot count on its “base”, that’s a VERY BAD sign/place to be. “This is mainly to get Democrats that may have been A LITTLE BIT (?) DISAFFECTED to come back“. If we look back at the 2010 mid-term Congressional electionsDemocrats and especially INDEPENDENTS were VERY/EXTREMELY “disaffected”.
Finally, “Democratic strategist Lanny Davis, who believes many independent voters struggle with the abortion issue, warns that THE ADS COULD BACKFIRE.

If you are in the middle on the issue … you have DOUBTS about abortion“, as if there AREN’T enough “doubts” out there already. “That ad MAY  actually end up OFFENDING the people who are in the middle, which is why it’s a DANGEROUS ad“.

So, according to this article at least, it seems like DEMOCRATS are still on the defensive which is precisely the impression that Fox News (a GOP mouthpiece along with Newsmax), wants us to have.


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