It’s Hot! ABC

The title of a recently released ​ABC News ​article is “Temps Across (the) US Cool Slightly, but IT’S STILL HOT (Web-site/URL:

How hot was it? According to golfer Zeb Rogerson, “who teed off at 6 a.m. at an Alexandria, Va. golf course, but was SWELTERING by the end of his round“, “It was BAKING on the 18th green“. ​It clearly ​SHOULD NOT ​be hot at 6.

“Micah Straight, 36, brought his three daughters to dance in jets of water spurting from a “sprayground” near Philadelphia’s Logan Square fountain to cool off. “We got here early, because I DON’T think we’ll be out this afternoon — we’ll be in THE AIR CONDITIONING” obviously. “So I wanted to get them out, get some SUNSHINE, GET TIRED​and ​RETREAT TO THE AIR-CONDITIONING.

“In South Bend, Ind., serious kayakers Saturday ​(July 7, 2012) took to the East Race Waterway, a 1,900-foot long manmade whitewater course near downtown”. According to Robert Henry of Carmel, just north of Indianapolis,  “A lot of times I’ll ROLL OVER JUST TO ​COOL OFF. That’s a great idea.  “The biggest challenge is WALKING COMING BACK UP carrying a kayak three-eighths of a mile in this heat“. ​That will surely be ​BRUTAL.

“In Manhattan, customers who stepped in to see “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” at an IFC movie theater were there for MORE THAN ENTERTAINMENT​” of course. According to John Villanova, “a writer who was on his second sweaty T-shirt of the day — EXPECTING TO CHANGE AGAIN BY EVENING“, “OF COURSE, we came to COOL OFF!​ “He said that earlier, he rode a Manhattan subway back and forth for a half an hour, with no destination in mind, “because it really keeps you COOL.

“One man figured out a way to beat the heat: STAY IN THE CAR. Roger Sinclair of Batavia, Ill., was headed home Saturday ​(July 7, 2012) from Detroit, where he’d spent a few days visiting an old friend and catching Friday night’s ​(July 6, 2012) Tigers‘ game. The Tigers won 4-2, but the conditions were LESS than ideal​” ​obviously. “It was 97 at the first pitch and still in the 80s at the time of the last out”​That is ​EXCRUCIATINGLY ​hot. “IT WAS TOUGH ​(because) THERE WAS NO BREEZE.

Finally, “In Chicago, street magician Jeremy Pitt-Payne said he has been working throughout the three-day stretch of TRIPLE-DIGIT temperatures, but acknowledged that he might doff the Union Jack leather vest by the end of the day, even though it’s part of his British magician character along with the black top hat. But he had a secret for beating the heat — he starts his shows at 2 p.m., “when the TRUMP Tower is gracious enough to block out the sun” along his stretch of sidewalk”. ​That’s ​EXTREMELY “gracious”.

​So, as if we ​DON’T ​have enough to ​COMPLAIN/BE ANGRY ​about already, we can now complain/be angry about MOTHER NATURE/THE WEATHER.


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