OBAMA & JOB CREATION…AGAIN (July 5, 2012): Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on July 5, 2012 is “New JOBS report looms over Obama campaign BUS trip” (Web-site/URL: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jobs-report-looms-over-obama-campaign-bus-trip-200346258.html). “campaign bus trip?” Is Obama trying to imitate Sen. MCCAIN‘s “Straight Talk Express” idea from 2008?

“wiping sweat from his face (as) he campaigned under (a) scorching sun for FOUR MORE YEARS in office”, Obama started off: “This is how summer IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL“. The President is surely trying to DISGUISE the fact that he is UNDER SIGNIFICANT PRESSURE TO DO BETTER“four more years in office” is also ironic, because back in 2008then-Sen. Obama was the one saying that WE COULD NOT AFFORD “four more years” under Sen. MCCAIN, GEORGE W. BUSH‘s third term.

“As he kicked off Thursday’s (July 5, 2012) 250-mile trip in Maumee, Ohio, Obama said he had “REFUSED to turn my back on COMMUNITIES like this one“, another recurring theme from his 2008 campaign.

“Romney, chiming in from his family vacation in New Hampshire, criticized Obama for hitting the road with “NO NEW ANSWERS” on the economy”, the latest straight-on POLITICAL ATTACK. Does ROMNEY have any “new answers?” POLITICIANS ALWAYS “chime in” and TALK BACK TO EACH OTHER.

Obama went on: “There are some folks who are BETTING that you will LOSE INTEREST, that are BETTING that somehow, you are going to LOSE HEART. I’m betting YOU’RE NOT going to LOSE INTEREST. I’M BETTING YOU’RE NOT going to LOSE HEART. I still believe in you, I’M BETTING ON YOU. Perhaps the President can sense that this race is TIGHTENING because “I still believe in you” and “I’m betting on you” carries a bit/tinge of DESPERATION and also sounds like a PLEA for support.

“in Parma”, Obama continued: “I DON’T need a tax cutMr. Romney SURE DOESN’T need a tax cutbecause Obama and Romney are RICH“sure” is used here as A POINT OF EMPHASISRepublicansof courseas we know, cluding the SUPER-wealthy.

“And Obama defended his HEALTH CARE overhaul during his first campaign appearance since the law was upheld by the Supreme Court”. “The law I passed is here to stay“. This is the latest POLITICAL EXAGGERATIONObama  It is going to make THE VAST MAJORITY OF Americans MORE secure“, more specifically people with PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS.

“Some Ohio voters said the AUTO bailout was still a PLUS for Obama”. How many is “some?” According to Linda Schneider of Maumee, “The bailout will certainly HELP him. IT’S DEFINITELY WORKINGREALLY? Let’s see IF this is true in the LONG run.

“But Thomas Hutton of Toledo said the bailout WOULD NOT be a defining campaign issue. “It’s a side issue. The BIG ones are (clearly/obviously) the economy and HEALTHCARE (reform)”What does Hutton think about healthcare reform?

On Thursday (July 5, 2012)  (Former Minnesota Gov. Tim) Pawlenty, a POTENTIAL  Romney running mate, said: “WE SHOULD all bet on the country, but WE SHOULDN’T double down on Barack Obama. He’s had his chance (and) IT’S (just) NOT WORKING. And we need to get it moving IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION“. CAN ROMNEY DO IT (do BETTER THAN Obama)? This is typical PARTISAN RHETORIC.

“Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman, yet another POTENTIAL Romney running mate, wrote a column in an Ohio newspaper Thursday (July 5, 2012) accusing Obama of implementing policies that “make it HARDER, NOT EASIER, to create jobs here in Ohio and around the country”, another PURELY POLITICAL argument.

Finally (and MOST importantly), “Recent polls by Quinnipiac University found that Obama held a 9-percentage-point lead over Romney in Ohio and a 6-point lead in Pennsylvania”.

So, it seems like we’re playing with a pendulum here: from JOBS to HEALTHCARE REFORM and back again. Well, the emphasis seems to be on JOBS once again.


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