DERON WILLIAMS Commits to BROOKLYN NETS (5 Years, $100 Million): NYTimes

The title of a New York Times article released on July 3, 2012 is “Nets Place Star Point-Guard (Deron Williams)  Atop Their New Arena” (Web-site/URL:

“Williams announced his decision on Twitter, sending a message at 7:03 p.m. Eastern that featured the Nets’ new black-and-white logo under the words, “Made a VERY TOUGH (?) decision today (July 3, 2012)”. “He chose the Nets over the Dallas Mavericks, his hometown team, who were also aggressive in their pursuit”. Think about this: DERON WILLIAMS + DIRK NOWITZKI + JASON TERRY off the benchThat would have been a dynamite combination. Let’s also note that Williams broke this news on TWITTER. Here’s a MAJOR difference between college and pro sportsIf Williams was still playing college ball, he would have been SEVERELY REPRIMANDED/DENOUNCED by a significant number of coaches.

“With (Dwight) Howard’s future STILL unclear, the Nets moved quickly this week to revitalize the roster with a collection of intriguing talents. They secured a trade for the All-Star guard Joe Johnson, agreed to terms with Gerald Wallace and got a commitment from Mirza Teletovic, who is regarded as one of the best scorers in Europe. They also reached a deal to acquire Reggie Evans, a rugged rebounder, from the Los Angeles Clippers”. “With (Dwight) Howard’s STILL unclear” is the latest example of a superstar’s ARROGANCE (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “Jonathan Givony, the president of DraftExpress, called (Mirza) Teletovic “one of the best scorers in European basketball, period”. “European basketball” is on a COMPLETELY different level from the NBA and alsoTeletovic is from SLOVAKIA which IS NOT a basketball powerhouse such as SPAIN (Pau & Marc Gasol) and ARGENTINA (Manu Ginobili). “The guy is a flat-out SCORING MACHINE (?)” REALLY? Teletovic averaged 20.7 points per game, let’s make that 21 points per game, in the 2011-2012 season. A significant number of players average MORE THAN 21 points a game. “He can COME OFF SCREENS. He can SCORE INSIDE THE POST. He can PUT THE BALL ON THE DECK. He can REALLY DO IT ALL”. “Givony compared Teletovic to Al Harrington, both for his offensive skill set and his SHOOT-first mentality. He averaged 1.2 assists per game”. Harrington averages 1.7 assists per game.He IS NOT looking to pass the ball”. That’s NOT good, especially when we’ve got 2 or more defenders on us or we have someone who is a better defender than we are a shooter. That’s NOT “(doing) it all”“do it ALL” = score, rebound, ASSIST and block shots, someone like LEBRON JAMESNOT ASSISTING, by definition, IS NOT “(doing) it all”.

So this is the second year in a row where we’ve had a HYPED player. In the 2011-12 season, it was JEREMY LIN because he came from HARVARD and the Knicks were KNOCKED OUT IN THE FIRST ROUND OF THE PLAYOFFS. In the upcoming season, it will be MIRZA TELETOVIC. Bottom Line: “The Nets have gone 29-72 in Williams’s short tenure (2 seasons), with a roster of spare parts and ONE-dimensional players”. If MIRZA TELETOVIC DOESN’T deliverthis would become the THIRD CONSECUTIVE year in a row where we would have seen HYPE turn into EPIC FAILUREIn 2010-2011, it was the MIAMI HEAT losing to the DALLAS MAVERICKS in the 2011 NBA Finals after that series was tied at 1-1 (the Mavs won 3 straight). In 2011-12, it was “Linsanity” that quickly fizzled. There was all this buzz about a kid making it to the NBA out of HARVARD, he played well for a while, then he went 1-11 at the MIAMI HEATtore his meniscus, missed the rest of the season and the Knicks were swept out in the 1st roundLet’s see IF Mirza Teletovic can DELIVER RESULTSThis is the real worldwhere we are and will always be scrutinized which, again means we CANNOT live off HYPE alone.


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